Nighttime Skin and Beauty Tips That Will Jump Start Your Skin


Applying skin care products while you sleep can be the best approach to improving your skin. So many things can be done to improve your skin during the late or early hours. If you’re sleeping eight hours and doing nothing to better your complexion during that time period then you’re doing it totally wrong.

It’s hard enough to fit everything into your daily routine as is and there are so many simple things that can be done to jump start your skin while catching some Zzz’s. That’s why I’ve got a few simple beauty tricks that you can try to help improve your skin.

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Nighttime Skin Care Tips While Getting Beauty Rest

Here are a rundown of a few tried and true tips should you wish to improve your skin complexion while getting your beauty sleep.

The first recommendation I’m going to give you is to apply eye cream at the end of the day. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous since no one is going to see you but I’m telling you it makes a huge difference in terms of baggy eyes and such. You are most definitely doing it wrong in you don’t apply an eye cream like the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Cream or the Elite Serum Cream. These eye creams can help keep your eyes in tip-top shape while you sleep. Chances are your eyes will look brighter and more alive when you wake up.

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I don’t talk about feet that often but it turns out it’s a really problematic area for lots of people in terms of their skin. Softening your skin can be a tough task for most and I’ve got just the product for you if that’s what you’re trying to do. Might I suggest that you apply foot cream to some softening socks? Basically, these are like getting a foot massage and pedicure while you sleep.

Next on the list is a hydrating face mask. Face masks are often a quick fix and sometimes an overnight treatment that people incorporate when fighting extra dry skin and eczema. Should you decide to sleep with a face mask on, it’ll work extra hard for you, I promise. Try these emoji masks here. You’ll want to choose a hydrating face mask that promises to keep your skin moist and well hydrated. Definitely, avoid those that dry your skin or make it tighter than usual. By the time you walk up, you’ll have perfect looking skin!

One final thing that you can consider incorporating is an acne treatment. The best time to treat your acne is late at night while you’re sleeping. So-called “spot treatment” in the evening allows the product to work without too much disruption that normally occurs throughout the day. External factors really impact the treatment process and you’re not going to get the results you think you’ll get if you skimp on overnight treatment and go for daytime solutions instead.

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Do you have some special night time routine in which you incorporate certain treatments or skin care products nightly? If so, we’d love to hear about them! Hit up us and let us know what you’ve tried and what works!

Nighttime Skin and Beauty Tips That Will Jump Start Your Skin
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