If you’ve done a few searches on the Internet for Niagen, then you’d know that it’s praised as being one of the many “fountains of youth.” Niagen has been known to have a number of benefits aside from just anti aging. The benefits are increased endurance, cardiovascular enhancement, cognitive boosts and more.

All you have to do is take a look at the video on the website to understand what this product can do for you. The video was created by scientists from Cornell and Harvard.

Does a video do enough to convince you to use the product?

If so, then be concerned. You need to look further into products as watching one video simply isn’t enough. I’ll be covering everything I know about Niagen and why you might want to consider before using the product. Don’t believe the hype of its ability to slow the cellular aging process. Instead, spend time reading up on it first, then make a decision.

niagenMore About Niagen

People keep calling Niagen the “fountain of youth,” due to the nicotinamide riboside which the product contains. There may be benefits of taking this product which are related to aging, muscles, cardio, and metabolism uptick. That doesn’t mean that Niagen is the end all be all answer to your cellular improvement needs.Before I get into the details of the product, let me cover the basics.

Niagen is made by ChromaDex and this company licenses the use of Niagen to other companies. Those companies put Niagen into their supplement products, market them accordingly and sell them like hotcakes. One of the companies behind this activity is Live Cell Research.

This kicker here is the most of the companies selling Niagen are literally selling the same exact product. They are not any different from one another for the most part. All you need to do is read the specifics listed on the ingredients label to get a better idea of what each contains.

The Science Behind Nicotinamide Riboside

Most people haven’t got a clue as to what nicotinamide riboside is and does. The best way to explain this is to try and describe what the main ingredient does to your body. I’ll try and explain this the best way that I can as it’s a bit complex.

The main ingredient nicotinamide riboside enters the body and the body then converts the ingredient into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).

From there the NAD assists in transferring electrons from molecule to molecule. This transfer process creates what is known as energy sparks. NAD also assists in the transferring of information to and from cells as well.

As you get older, the energy sparks and transferring of information slows down. This is what causes aging to occur and not just at the physical but mental state as well.

What Niagen Does (Specifically)

Taking Niagen means you’re feeding your body with 250mg of nicotinamide riboside, which kicks communications up a notch between the cells and your mitochondria. When this happens, energy and information are transferred causing the following to occur:

  • Cellular damage prevention
  • Enhanced burning of energy
  • Brain degeneration prevention
  • Improved cholesterol levels

Another thing you should know before using this product is that most companies do not combine it with any allergens, toxins, stimulants or anything of that nature. So if you were concerned about that, you can rest assured that there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Consumption Instructions

As far as consuming the ingredient the manufacturer recommends that you only take one Niagen capsule each morning when you wake up. Take this before consuming any food and drink it with a full glass of water.

Pay close attention to the brand’s ingredients label and the instructions before going “all in” with this product. All though many people choose to use the Live Cell Research brand, there are many others out there.

Here’s how it typically works…

Pharmaceutical companies buy Niagen from ChromaDex in pure and raw form. They then repackage it and sell it as their own supplement. Many of those that are repackaging the product often add filler ingredients and preservatives to try and “enhance” the product.

The end result is a bunch of private labeled products selling various Niagen containing supplements with and without added ingredients. Basically, all Niagen is really is Nicotinamide Riboside in its purest form rebranded.

Is It New?

Believe it or not, Niagen is very new. It’s a supplement that’s only been around since 2013. There were studies conducted on mice by Dr. David Sinclair. Without going into specifics, he proved that mice had cells that looked significantly younger than they should have just through Niagen consumption.

Make no mistake about it, Dr. Sinclair is a big deal in this field and he’s an award-winning doctor for his research studies alone. There is a bunch of scientific evidence presented in published studies if you feel like reading up on them. Here’s one published in 2014.

The manufacturer eventually ended up launching a human trial study.

The Cost Involved

If you’re looking to purchase the Niagen produced by Live Cell Research, you’ll end up paying $46.99 for one bottle, $83.64 for two bottles, and $117 for three bottles of Niagen.

The more bottles that you purchase, the cheaper they¬†will cost. If you’re worried about it not working the company has a 90-day money back guarantee which they offer consumers. Send the products back and you’ll be refunded without any questions.

What Others Are Saying

If you take a close look at Amazon, you’ll notice that many of the reviews on the product are stellar. Lots of customers have great things to say about this company. Does that mean it’s the best one to purchase? Not a chance. However, it does mean that the product might actually be worth looking into if you’re looking for an anti aging supplement to try out.

niagen reviews

Doctor First

Before you begin taking this product or any product that contains Niagen, I’d like to suggest that you contact your physician before doing so. With all the supplements out there on the market today, it’s tough to say which is best for you to consider taking and which you should avoid. Remember, your doctor knows this stuff better than you do!

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