NFL Running Back Emmitt Smith Is Now In Skin Care


If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan today or if you were back in 90’s then you know who Emmitt Smith is. He’s a former running back that dominated the field back in the day. He’s a three-time Super Bowl Champion. He’s an NFL MVP, he’s a real estate businessman, and now he’s an entrepreneur in the skin care business.

Some may say that Emmitt Smith has defined the term success. He’s a beast both on and off the field. Now he’s putting forth efforts to gain yards in an industry that is filled with some real heavy hitters.

I’ll help elaborate as much as possible on what Emmitt and his business partner are doing to change the industry and why he got involved.

emmitt smith the gents place
Emmitt Smith and Ben Davis of The Gents Place

Emmitt Smith Buys Equity In Men’s Grooming Company

As previously stated, the Dallas Cowboy running back has officially entered the skin care game and he’s done so at an interesting angle.

Emmitt has purchased equity in a grooming company that caters strictly to men. We know that this is a rather large market, given the success that the Dollar Shave Club (which is set to merge with Unilever) and other many companiesĀ have had that cater to men. The company is calledĀ The Gents Place and both Emmitt and co-owner Ben Davis, are in charge of the things.

According to CNBC, Mr. Smith jumped head first into the business as a customer and he noticed the potential that exists.

Emmitt Smith told CNBC that from an investing standpoint, it makes sense for him to get involved. Reason being, “because it’s still part of a real-estate platform and provides services to the community.”

The Gents Place is said to be a haven for men that want to get pampered. Emmitt stated that people “walk out feeling like a million bucks.” He’s been going as a customer and obviously sees the potential that it has.

The plan is for The Gents Place to disrupt the men’s grooming industry by opening 150 franchise locations over a five-year span. Currently, four locations exist in Dallas and Kansas City.

Emmitt Smith is very successful as an athlete and businessman. He has never been the type to kick back and just enjoy things. He always wants more and most importantly is willing to make adjustments to get more.

I’ve got nothing but respect for Emmitt and I’m sure his role in the company is going to be key to it becoming a success. I will surely be keeping an eye on this company for the rest of the year and years to come. Let’s see if he can get over the goal line once again. Based on historical results, the odds are in favor of it.

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NFL Running Back Emmitt Smith Is Now In Skin Care
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