Newcastle University Found The Key To Younger Looking Skin


A recent discovery at Newcastle University has us all excited! There’s a chance that the discovery could be extremely helpful when it comes to developing skin specific anti aging products and treatments. Could it be the skin specific type breakthrough that the industry’s been waiting for?

newcastle university professor Birch-Machin
Credit: Newcastle University / Professor Mark Birch-Machin

Newcastle University Experts Know What Causes Us To Look Older

Some of the smart folks at Newcastle University have helped us make huge strides with regards to understanding human skin cells. According to a recent publication in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the mitochondrial complex II activity dramatically decreases as our skin ages.

The reduction in this activity could be a key component in creating better anti aging formulas and treatments. The study may, in fact, impact the development of drugs used to cure cancer and other age-related diseases.

This study the headed by a man named Mark Birch-Machin. Mark is the professor of molecular dermatology at Newcastle University. Dr. Amy Bowman also worked on the study with the rest of the members of the research group.

What does this all mean for skin care consumers and the companies creating these products? Well, according to an article published in, Professor Birch-Machin said, “There is now a possibility of finding anti-aging treatments which can be tailored to differently aged and differently pigmented skin, and with the additional possibility to address the aging process elsewhere in our bodies.”

Does this mean we’re going to see companies immediately start creating products that are specific for our age and skin types? There are already plenty of product on the market that are skin type specific. But will this lead to an, even more, laser focused set of products?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is going to take a little more time and researchers are going to have to take a deeper look into things. We’re getting closer but I’d have to say, still no cigar. Speaking of cigars, do not smoke. It’s terrible for your skin.

Until we have more clearly defined answers, we’re going to have to simply rely on the products that are already on the market today. The good news is that many of the products out there do a great job at keeping our skin healthy looking.

Newcastle University Found The Key To Younger Looking Skin
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