New Sunscreen Solar D Aids In Vitamin D Production


This summer, you may find more than just your typical sunscreen on the shelves. A new sunscreen that is not on the market yet is changing the way we protect our skin from UV exposure as well as feed our bodies with the proper amount of vitamin D. Solar D is the name of the sunscreen with added benefits.

solar d sunscreen

The Science Behind Solar D Sunscreen

Solar D is said to be in very short supply at Boston University School of Medicine at this point in time and it’s not even available to anyone here in the U.S. However, in Australia, it’s changing the way people protect their skin and health. There are many using Solar D in the country and people seem to have taken a liking to it.

Not getting enough sun exposure means that you’re putting yourself at higher risk of becoming vitamin D deficient. A lack of vitamin D can often lead to an increased risk of getting breast cancer, colon cancer and even diabetes and perhaps many more diseases. “Most people on the planet are getting their vitamin D from sun exposure,” stated Dr. Michael F. Holick.  “And so if you get no sun exposure, you’re at extremely high risk for vitamin D deficiency.”

Solar D was designed by Dr. Michael F. Holick, a professor at Boston University School of Medicine. The product was designed by himself and other researchers. What this product was made to do is to reduce the chances of acquiring a burn without blocking the benefits of getting enough vitamin D.

From an ingredient perspective, most of the ingredients are the same as other sunscreen products. The only difference is that some of the ingredients have been changed so that consumers can take advantage of the benefits that consuming vitamin D can have on your body. The product is currently only available in Australia for the time being but will be available in the United States mid-year in 2016 and just in time for summer. The product has been approved by the FDA and is likely to cost only slightly higher than traditional sunscreen. Feel free to watch the video below to get some more information from Dr. Holick his new product.

I’ve previously mentioned on numerous occasions how important it is to wear sunscreen. It’s a staple product that most have in their daily skin care arsenal. The majority of the celebrities that I’ve written about have all mentioned how important it is to use sunscreen every single day. It’s quite possible that Solar D may prove to be the best option for those that like to have their cake and eat it too. We will find out once it hits stores in the United States in a few months. Until the product is released, I recommend that you find an alternative sunscreen product and that you begin to use it daily.

New Sunscreen Solar D Aids In Vitamin D Production
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