New Esthechoc Is The Ultimate Chocolate For Your Skin


Are you a chocolate fan? For years, you’ve probably heard that chocolate consumption can damage your skin. Well, as of today, things have changed all thanks to Cambridge University and their product research and development. Consumers can now turn to “Cambridge Beauty Chocolate” if they want better looking skin. It’s not cheap but if you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll want to keep reading.

esthechoc beauty chocolate bar
Image of a box of Esthechoc bars.

Esthechoc Is Chocolate That Can Make Your Skin Look Decades Younger

We know that there are a number of medical uses of chocolate that exist today. The tasty treat has been known to help you improve your overall health and now you’ve got even more of a reason to indulge. According to research conducted at Cambridge University, eating 7.5 grams every day of chocolate can have a positive impact on your skin, changing it’s structure and making it much younger looking.

The chocolate known as Esthechoc, is said to successfully increase antioxidant levels, as well as boost circulation which can help prevent fine lines. As a result, consumers skin will look more youthful. To give you an idea of the power behind this chocolate, the small 7.5 gram bar will the same amount of cocoa polyphenols as 100g of dark chocolate.

According to The Telegraph, consuming the product as a 50 year old can literally shave 20 to 30 years off their skin. The company behind the tasty product Esthechoc, is known as Lycotec and they are based in the United Kingdom. The company is linked to Cambridge University.

Clinical trials have been conducted on Esthechoc and according to research, those that have consumed a single piece of Esthechoc on a daily basis over a four week period saw a reduction in skin inflammation.

To put things into perspective, Esthechoc creator Dr.Ivan Petyaev explained that the antioxidants in the product were the same antioxidants that keep flamingos pink and goldfish bright gold. I’ve not been able to research this enough to confirm that but that’s what the creator stated.

While the product seems to work, the claims are rather extreme. More research and clinical trials need to be conducted before we’re convinced of the power that Esthechoc actually has. The creator said, “People using it claimed that their skin was better and we can see that the product is working to slow down the aging.” However, the number of years claimed to cause the reduction in skin aging leave some people a bit skeptical. The company agrees that more trials are necessary and I imagine they are in the process of conducting them to further solidify the claims.

If you’re interested in purchasing Esthechoc, you will be able to do so at a various high-end retail stores. It will hit the shelves come October. Be on the lookout for this beauty chocolate by Cambridge University, but be ready to pay the price. It’s not going to be as low as the Hersey bars your eating now, I promise you that much! You’ll have to pay a big price ($60.00) for a box of this beauty chocolate. The good news, it’ll be here just in time for Halloween!

New Esthechoc Is The Ultimate Chocolate For Your Skin
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