New Dark Circle Eye Cream From SkinPro Targets Partiers


A few weeks ago I was speaking to SkinPro CEO Tim Schmidt who told me about this new dark circle eye cream that they formulated. What makes this different from every other eye cream on the market is that it is targeted towards millennials. Particularly those who like to stay up late but need to look 100% the next day. Apparently there is a big untapped market for this kind of product.

We always knew that getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is a major skin care priority. But this is the first time that a product has been released to target this symptom of excess toxin buildup under the eyes. The product is called Miami Nights and we just completed a pretty comprehensive writeup of all the scientific ingredients that make it jive so I won’t review that but you can read the entire report here as it is quite extensive.


What I think is really unique and cool about this product is the target market. Most skin care companies that play in the anti-aging niche like SkinPro, are focused on more the middle aged female consumer. So this is a real new marketing opportunity. Normally when we think of under eye creams we look at peptides like Haloxyl and talk about hereditary dark circle conditions. But from what I hear from Schmidt, this is like the 5 hour energy of skin care products.

Picture countertop displays at corner stores where you can purchase a small dropper bottle that is affordable and will last about 30-45 applications if used as directed. So if you use it daily, a bottle of the Miami Nights Dark Circle Eye Cream is going to last about a month. I think the retail price is going to be around $30 or less so it is priced well and right in that kill zone of the millennial impulse must have product for looking good the next morning.

Dark Circles

If this is anything like the other SkinPro products that we have tested, then I am sure it is going to be a winner. There is a limited time and quantity promotion going on right now at a hidden link on this site, but if you read this far in to my article I’m going to make it worth your time. Do yourself a favor and pick up the top selling and most potent eye serum in the world for only $9 including shipping at this special offer page. Thank me later as you read the glowing reviews on Amazon where it is a best seller in its category at like $70.

New Dark Circle Eye Cream From SkinPro Targets Partiers
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