New Chicago Men’s Skin Care Subscription Launches


Everyday we hear about new products making their way into the skin care market. However, most of the time those products are specifically geared towards women and their beauty needs. A new Chicago startup decided to go against the grain and focus on men’s skin issues instead. They company is called Oars + Alps and they are trying to conveniently place products in the hands of men across the United States, one subscription at a time.

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chicago men's skin care
Oars + Alps New Chicago-Based Men’s Skin Line

Chicago Men’s Skin Care Oars + Alps Launches Today

The new company is based out of Chicago and is run by two people, CEO Mia Saini and co-founder Laura Cox. Both of these women are extremely talented and they’ve had experience at Bloomberg TV and Facebook. Laura is in charge of the e-commerce aspect of the business as well as the data. While Mia is in charge of research, development, and finance.

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They offer three products which were created with the intention of making them easy to travel with. For example, they have a face wash stick that seems to be one of the only men’s face stick products of it’s kind on the market as of today. The design was done taking into consideration the troubling issues men have with spilling products within their gym and travel bags. The face was stick eliminates that issue. The company also offers a face moisturizer and an all-natural deodorant. They are targeting men between the ages of 22 and 40.

The idea to start the company didn’t come out of the blue. Mia’s husband was constantly using her skin care products and since they were both expensive and not ideal for men, she sought out to solve her problem. The result was Oars + Alps! The company offers a convenient subscription for men that hate retail shopping. They have a few different options available depending on what you’re looking to spend. The subscriptions range from $32.00 to $44.00 and if you choose to subscribe versus making a one-time purchase, you are given a discount.

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The products are made with natural ingredients and the convenience of not having to shop might make it a winner alone. It’ll be interesting to see what this company does has things progress in the future. Given that Mia Saini and I both went to school in Massachusetts, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be pulling for this company’s success and keeping a close eye on them! Check out the subscription options by clicking here.

New Chicago Men’s Skin Care Subscription Launches
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