New Book Surprises Us With Anti Aging Tips


Whenever a new book is released, there is always one “bomb” or nugget of information that has one single purpose:  to draw ire from the general public and create social banter about the upcoming release.  Topics that are combated in this book include needles, special chefs, diets, and personal trainers.

When I first read about this new book on this website, I thought it was a joke.  However, after having time to digest it, I noticed that it wasn’t.  This was a contrarian lovers dream approach to anti aging.

Peta Bee and Sarah Shencker’s New Book

Peta Bee is a writer, and Sarah Shencker is a dietitian.  They’ve teamed up to write a very fascinating piece about how to properly age.

There isn’t a “one grape per week” plan or advice on where to join the newest CrossFit Gym.  Instead, you’ll find that chocolate, red wine, kale, and wheatgrass are suggested.

I’ve taken the liberty to transpose the more intriguing tips for aging well and re-written them with my own reaction.

  1.  Skip Breakfast

Doesn’t this go against everything you’ve ever heard?  Everyone says that it’s the most important meal of the day.  However, it’s revealed that Joanna Lumley rarely eats breakfast and Liz Hurley consumes hot water and occasionally, an espresso.  She also stated that the only meal she eats is dinner!

Actress Liz Hurley My take is that anything done in moderation (especially eating) with health in mind (so long, hash browns and corned beef hash) is okay for you, and as someone who trains, I can’t fathom not having breakfast of some sort.

Sure, our metabolisms slow down as we age and we can’t eat whatever we want, but I’m opposed to skipping breakfast.  Sorry, Liz Hurley.

2.  Carbs just once per day

This one I can be on board with.  The body needs carbs, but as someone who has done every diet in the book, I can see the results very rapidly when I cut carbs.

The book shares that aiming to eat one more per day a carbohydrate rich meal is a healthy way to age better.  So if you are looking for brown rice, starchy vegetables, or wheat, choose one meal and get them all in.

3.  Strengthen Bones

When you strengthen your bones, you can also protect your face from jowls and wrinkles.  Who can argue with that?

The point is made that our eye sockets, as well as our jaw line and other facial features, change greatly as we age.  Frown lines form and we have to look to creams for wrinkles in order to try to hide them.



New Book Surprises Us With Anti Aging Tips
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