Never Do Any Of This To Your Skin Or You’ll Be Sorry!


There are certain things that you should not do when it comes to your skin. Of course, you know that it’s really bad to use super hot water on your face. You also know how important it is that you do other things that are obvious no-nos. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of some things you should never do that you might not know about when it comes to caring for your skin. I don’t care what urge you get or what you’re going through, you’ve got to refrain from doing these things if you want to have healthy looking skin.

Don't Do This To Your Skin

A List Of No-Nos When It Comes To Your Skin

Here’s a simple list that I preach day in and day out to just about everyone I know. Paying close attention may save your skin.

Going Outside With Sunscreen

Leaving your house without sunscreen is a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re heading to the office or to the beach, it’s something that you need to keep on your at all times. Making sunscreen application just another part of your routine every day can really decrease the chances of your damaging your skin.

Sun exposure puts you at risk for things like skin cancer, wrinkle formation, lines, reduced collagen production and more. Not only is sunscreen important but wearing clothes that can protect your skin is equally as important. If you’re going out in the sun, then use precautions.

Avoid White Ink Tattoos

Some tattoos are impossible to remove. The tattoos that contain white ink are almost impossible to remove via laser┬átreatments. There’s no chance of you erasing that tattoo if you use white ink. Yes, we typically get a tattoo when we want something for life, but mistakes happen. Just avoid the white ink or you’ll be sorry.

Don’t Pop Zits

The worst thing that you can do to a zit or a pimple is pop it. I know, they look disgusting and you can’t even deal with them being on your face, but popping them makes things worse. Although it’s super tempting to do so, it increases the chances of your acquiring an infection. On top of that, you might take that acne to higher levels by helping it form a scar of some sort. If you’re going to pop pimples, you best be watching videos from Dr. Pimple Popper before doing so, that way you get a better idea of how it should be done.

Never Use Old Products

Using old products on your skin can do one of two things. They’ll either do nothing at all and not work because they’re lost their potency or they’ll damage your skin. Some people think that expiration dates have been added to products so that consumers buy more. This is so false if you’re not doing your skin any favors by using expired products. Would you take a prescription that’s old and expired? How about drinking milk that’s old? I didn’t think so!

Never Ignore Moles

If you have a mole that seems to be changing shape or color, then you need to get it checked out asap. This may not be just a mole and could, in fact, be some form of skin cancer. It’s a simple yet important reason why getting body exams is a must as you get older. Now, if you’re simply unhappy with your mole, then you might want to use a mole remover of some sort to help get rid of it. Give this one a try as it works pretty well. Here’s an article on removing moles if you’re interested in learning more.

Avoid Lemon / Lime In The Sun

If you’re planning on spending time in the sun, then it’s best for you to avoid using any lemon or lime juice on your skin. Some people like to apply these juices to their skin due to the renewing properties and elasticity improvement that it’s known to have. However, should you plan on being in the sun for a longer period of time, it can actually cause blisters and pigmentation issues.

If you’re smart, you’ll take my advice and avoid all these things I’ve just mentioned. If not, then the consequences are yours to deal with. I’m telling you that you will be sorry if you don’t do the right thing!

Never Do Any Of This To Your Skin Or You’ll Be Sorry!
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