Neck Wrinkles

Your face isn’t the only place where wrinkles seem to form. Another common location is what we refer to as neck wrinkles. These types of wrinkles form in the neck area and they are directly related to sagging skin. They can be extremely exaggerated, make you feel much older than your actual age, and most importantly, they are also something that can be treated. Yes, there are plenty of ointments, serums, and skin creams as well as professional treatments that people can get to resolve this issue. Let’s discuss how neck wrinkles form before we cover how to get rid of them.

neck wrinklesHow Neck Wrinkles Develop And How To Treat Them?

One major factor to these types of wrinkles developing are the conditions of your environment. It can also be easily impacted by things like touching your neck with your hands. Now, neck wrinkles are easily developed due to many different factors. As we age, our necks are one of the most neglected areas that we truly need to treat at a young age. Most of the time we don’t even think about these types of wrinkles until they are often present. At that point, it’s already difficult to get rid of some of the neck wrinkles that exist.

Once these types of neck wrinkles form, it can be very difficult to get rid of the sagging skin. If you want to avoid ugly wrinkles in the neck area, then you need to try your best to prevent them from forming. Why is it so difficult to get rid of them? Well, the skin on your neck is actually thicker than the skin on your face. That injunction with the fact that your neck skin always moving, it’s more susceptible to stretching. When you turn your head, make facial gestures, speak, swallow, or anything like you’re stretching your skin. These types of repetitive motions injunction with other external factors can cause lines and wrinkles to form in the area.

Specific Types of Neck Wrinkles

There are two types of wrinkles that are commonly associated with the neck. The first type of wrinkles are vertical neck wrinkles. They can be a real problem due to the depth of the wrinkles. These wrinkles tend to develop over a long period of time. These can develop due to keeping your head in the same exact position. Things like staring at a computer can really have an impact on things. Sleeping can also vertical wrinkles to form. Since we all need to sleep, it’s not something that we can easily prevent. Excessive sun exposure over a long period of time and keeping your neck in the same position over extended periods can make it very tough to eliminate vertical wrinkles.

Now lets talk about the other type of wrinkles. I’m talking about horizontal wrinkles. This type of wrinkles specifically form due to a deficiency in collagen. As you know, collagen is one of the major factors that we must have if we want firm and tight skin. It’s one of the main ingredients that gives us smooth looking skin. As we age, our collagen production levels can decrease. Changes in hormones and environment can impact things as well. Both types of neck wrinkles are difficult to get rid of. That’s why many people choose to get surgery versus treating with creams and topical treatments.


Knowing what type of wrinkles you have is a start. Now you need to make a decision on how you want to treat them. The very first thing that you should be doing is using a high-end moisturizer that contains SPF. Incorporating sunblock can help reduce the chances of dark spots forming. Too much sun also has a negative impact on your collagen production. It slowly breaks down the production, making it more difficult for your skin to stay well hydrated. While this approach won’t completely prevent neck wrinkles from forming, it will reduce the development of them. Once you’ve properly moisturized your skin, you should then apply a more specific product that will help you treat the affected area. The other option is to have some sort of surgery to tighten the sagging skin.


It’s not uncommon for some people to choose to get cosmetic surgery in order to get rid of these types of wrinkles. However, if you’re planning on taking this approach, then you need to understand that the recovery period can be quite lengthy. Some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that people get are platysmaplasty, which is basically a neck lift where skin is stretched and tightened. Another cosmetic treatment is known as fractionated resurfacing. This type of treatment actually removes skin in an attempt to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Both of these surgical treatments do work and positively impact things.

Topical Treatment

Last, but not least, one can attempt to use topical treatments such as moisturizing creams in order to reduce the presence of neck wrinkles. Topical creams can positively impact the production of collagen. It can also help strengthen elastin. Both collagen and elastin are very important if you wish to keep your skin tight enough to avoid developing neck wrinkles. With regards to specific types of creams, people often turn too vitamin C serums. They do so because they have been proven to stimulate the production of collagen as well as reduce the presence of free radicals.  Read this page for a list of the top neck creams.

You basically cannot have a tight neck without healthy collagen production and elastin. You need them both because one helps keeps your skin firm while the other helps give your skin that snap like effect that most desire. Other ingredients that people incorporate to help reduce neck wrinkles are retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. Retinol boosts collagen and alpha hydroxy acids help increase the turnover process of cells, which helps make your skin look younger.

Before you decide to get surgery or use a topical treatment, I suggest that you do your research. Remember, it can take quite some time to recover from surgery and topical treatments take a long time for results to show up. Don’t make any uneducated decisions when it comes neck wrinkles.


Neck Wrinkles
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