Are you into keeping things as natural or organic as possible? If so, then you’re not alone. The organic skin care trend is rampant and it’s one of the areas that seem to be picking up speed these days. One of the brands you may come across is Naturopathica.

This company was founded by an individual named Barbara Close. A quick rundown on the creator before diving into the brand. Barbara Close is an educated woman with a Master’s Degree from Maryland University. She’s also a licensed esthetician and aromatherapist.

If you do some digging into the background info of how it all got started, you’ll soon find out that Barbara Close launched the company 20 plus years ago. She did so in order to better help individuals looking for holistic treatment options. There were consumers that wanted to completely avoid harsh chemicals and the typical mainstay products out there at the time all incorporated the use of these harsh chemicals.

In order to circumvent that nonsense and provide products for the people, they put in place a simple company rule. That rule was simple. At least 50% of the natural ingredients used need to be certified as being organic. Additionally, the company takes things a step further and claims to avoid the use of toxic chemicals and those that are dangerous to use. For example, you won’t find any synthetic fragrances, hydroquinone, animal collagen, or anything else of that nature in the products.

Naturopathica ReviewNaturopathica Products And Ingredients Involved

Due to the philosophy, mission, and approach the company is widely considered to be a lifestyle company more so than anything. Sure, they manufacture and sell skin care products but that’s just one of the things they’ve got their hands in. The company is also very active in the herbal therapy pillow niche. The ingredients used to create these follow the sourcing ideology as the skin products. The materials used to make the pillows are recyclable as well.

Instead of focusing on one product type, they instead have decided to focus on multiple products with the use of organic and natural ingredients at the forefront of each.

Speaking of ingredients, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the ingredients used within each product. Although they are completely natural, that doesn’t mean that you should use them. Some people have skin that simply reacts poorly to natural and organic ingredients while others are the exact opposite. It’s typically the botanical extracts in this case that cause allergy issues to surface. I’ll go into greater detail on a few of the Naturopathica products and the associated ingredients.

Aloe Cleansing Gel – This natural facial cleanser is one that helps consumers remove dirt as well as oil from their skin and pores. The gel contains aloe vera, which is super for your skin. It helps calm your skin, reduce inflammation and much more. You’ll also find that this product incorporates coconut oil which helps better moisturize your skin. Another active ingredient that’s included in this formula is ylang ylang extract which helps reduce inflammation. It also contains antimicrobial properties and oat extract. You can buy this for $34 if interested.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel – This is another popular product that Naturopathica manufacturers which can help improve dull skin that’s considered to be “congested” in a sense. The peel is essentially a mask that helps you exfoliate and does so through the use of Pumpkin Enzymes. The main ingredients in this peel are pumpkin, pumpkin enzymes, oregano, rosemary extract, and cinnamon bark. These all do different things such as accelerate the exfoliating process, breakdown and remove dead skin and cleanse the skin through good antiseptics. This sells for $56 online.

Oat Cleansing Facial Polish – Next on the list is the oat face cleanser. This does a great job of helping you remove dead skin cells, and essentially unclog your skin. You’ll find ingredients like jojoba, beta glucan, glycerin, lavender, and sunflower oil in this product. It sells for $52 and is by far one of the more popular products they make. If you’re looking to cleanse your skin and boost moisture levels, then this one is for you.

Argan & Retinol Wrinkle Repair Night Cream – This is a repair and renewing night cream that can help consumers reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their face and skin. It contains various ingredients which are known and proven to tighten skin, tone, and reduce visible aging signs. The product does contain retinol which is known to be quite strong. In fact, they use a Tri-retinol Blend which is supposed to cut back on irritation issues out there. You’ll also find Argan plant stem cells and a popular ingredient known as Matrixyl Synthe 6. Both of these ingredients are known for helping reduce wrinkles and rebuild skin cells.

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The Side Effects

As with any other type of products, there are side effects that might occur. While most of them are not that significant, they are worth mentioning. Yes, this holds true even through Naturopathica avoids using any synthetic ingredients such as fragrances and more. There are some consumers that have mentioned issues with the lavender oil in the products. Some have also stated that using the product actually damaged their skin due to misuse of the product. On that note, it’s crucial that you use the right product and address your issue head on with one that’s proven to work.

Buying Naturopathica Products

The best place to buy these products is on the company website. Using any other site or approach is downright foolish given that you’ll get a better warranty and product if you order direct.

The Reviews

Most of the reviews on the Internet speaking of Naturopathica are all pretty positive. You’ll find that some speak of issues with the retailer not authorized but that’s pretty common and something that you should avoid entirely anyway.


Be sure to speak with a specialist before using this product. The reason I say that is quite simple. You have no idea how your skin is going to react to these products. Sure, they may work amazing but by chance that they’re not for you, it’s best to determine that from day one.

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