Naturally Beautiful Organics Is Arizona’s Latest Skin Care Company


Naturally Beautiful Organics is the name of a skin care products line started by an Arizona research specialist turned entrepreneur named Alex Vermont. He started this brand by going through his wife’s skin care products and looking for ingredients that were harmful and ones that were also bad for the environment. Sort of like this local skin care startup in Boston.

Vermont was shocked to look at the ingredient list and came up with Naturally Beautify Organics and its flagship product which is a skin moisturizer, like the one Kim K uses here. This skin moisturizer is completely plant based and natural. It is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Naturally Beautiful Organics

Naturally Beautiful Organics Manufactures Skin Care Products

It also is said to make the skin glow and moisturize the skin and make you feel good. Vermont says he really cares about the end user and has put a lot of thought in to creating this moisturizer product in Naturally Beautiful Organics that will not irritate the skin. As well, the skin care product needs to work with the skin and help improve the skin. It is made with organic plant extracts and essential oils.

Vermont does not use any fragrances in any Naturally Beautiful Organics products because they are known to irritate the skin tremendously. None of his products have been tested on animals. The skin care products line is currently being produced at a GMP certified skin care manufacturing facility and laboratory in Illinois but Vermont would like to move the operations completely to Arizona in the future.

Long term, Vermont wants to manufacture in Yuma, Arizona. His goal is to create jobs for the community. He wants to have a farms where he can grow and produce and donate to local food banks and the people that are in need of assistance. There is a charitable aspect to all of this of course.

Naturally Beautiful Organics Is Arizona’s Latest Skin Care Company
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