Natural Beauty Product Shopping Spots


I was on a mission this weekend! No, not to get ridiculously drunk because I don’t drink excessively like some people I know. Not judging, just saying…

What I was on a mission for was to find new places that sell natural skin care products. I’ve had a handful of people email me asking about organic skin care options and natural products that I thought it was only appropriate to address it all here. I took some time out of my workouts and other weekend shenanigans to find all the places that sell natural beauty products. In short, if you want to keep it natural, then you should have no problem assuming you live close by one of these stores.

Natural Beauty Products

Stores You Can Buy Natural Beauty Products At Now!

Prior to these and many other stores adapting to cater to the natural beauty fanatics, you’d have to basically go completely out of your way to find something that suits your needs. I’m talking trucking all the way down to that small boutique with the inconvenient hours that get you in trouble at work. Yup, all that and then some. Well, those days are over. You no longer need to trek all the way down there. Instead, you can hit some of these stores below to pick up what you need and then some!


The days of Target being the place to only grab bulk toilet paper, oversized mouthwash and paper towels are over. There are now plenty of popular natural beauty product brands that are sitting on the shelves at this giant retailer. One of the major lines available is called Honest Beauty. I suggest you check the brand out for more info.


When you’re grabbing a pack of gum and some candy or maybe an acne prescription, head on over to the natural section of the store and you’ll find plenty of organic options for you to take with you before you leave the store. The company has been on a health and wellness kick for quite some time now and this is one of their ways of stepping their game up. You’ll find everything from almond butter to organic coconut face lotion.


Honestly, this one doesn’t even need to be mentioned but I feel like I’m cheating the company by not doing so. Basically, you can find anything on Amazon, even natural and organic beauty products. Younger generations actually prefer to shop online and Amazon is one of their go-to stores that they start their search. It’s an online retail giant that can supply you with anything you need. In fact, they sell a ton of skin care brands we recommend as well.

Urban Outfitters

The once hipster store has now transformed itself into the hot spot for natural products. Grab a vintage tee shirt and some skin care products and you’re good to go! This seems to be a great combiniation for the generation of today.


I don’t know about you but I hit Nordstrom on a regular basis for shoes and other fun stuff. Now I’m hitting the beauty section for natural products on a regular basis.

Might point here is quite simple, your options are vast if you want to keep things all-natural, then you’ve got local options (assuming you live close by these shops). Take some action and give the natural beauty products a shot, you never know, you might actually like them!

Natural Beauty Product Shopping Spots
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