Natalie Portman Shares Her Best Kept Skin Care Secrets


You know that we’re suckers for celeb skin tips. When it comes to keeping your skin looking flawless, we often turn to Hollywood stars for the latest and greatest techniques. Well, this week we’ve got none other than Natalie Portman and we’ve tapped into her for some serious skin care advice.

People have this misconception that celebrities are super uptight about things or that they require an incredible amount TLC when it comes to anything. Far as we’re concerned, every time we hear┬áthat we know that it’s nothing but hog wash! While many celebs out there spend far too much time focusing on their looks and often over complicating things, not all of them do this. Some celebs live a more simple life and they do so with the mindset and focus of simplicity being most important in their lives. It turns out that this is exactly how Natalie Portman approaches her skin care routine.

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Here’s Natalie Portman’s Secret To Perfect Skin

Want to know how most celebs are able to get rid of their acne? Well, we want to know the same thing! The problem is that they all do it differently. There are many highly paid celebs that swear up and down those superior beauty products are why they look so good. There are others out there that simply believe that lifestyle runs the show here and that clear skin is achievable through good life decisions.

When it comes to Natalie Portman’s skin, she’s got every incentive to keep it looking good. Being the stellar actress that she is and the face of Dior, she must have nice looking skin. In a recent interview with The Cut, Natalie made it a point to mention the role that her diet played in clearing up her adult acne. Dropping dairy and was the kicker as she went full vegetarian and never ended up having a breakout after that.

There are many other actresses who swear that making dietary changes was what changed everything for their skin. While Natalie likely feels the same way, there are some products that she absolutely believes in as well. In terms of products, Natalie Portnman uses the Joelle Ciocco toner and face wash. She also uses a makeup remover by Bioderma. Natalie is also a fan of some organic eye cream made by Pai.

The best advice that Natalie had to share was silly simple but it’s so true. She recommends that you just find what works for you and stick with it. I know it sounds so simple when in actuality it’s not all that simple. However, putting some thought and analysis behind your skin care can really be a game changer. Afterall, Natalie Portman has the perfect skin to prove just that!

One of the other celebs out there that we follow pretty closely is Kim Kardashian. She’s a star and an expert when it comes to treating her skin. If you’re curious what type of treatments she does, then I suggest you check this article out. They’re pretty weird if you ask me but heck, they do work awesome!

Are you one of these people that search high and low for celeb skin secrets? Do you know something that we don’t? If so, then please share it with us. We’ll be happy you compensate you for your knowledge and insight if you’ve got something to share!

Natalie Portman Shares Her Best Kept Skin Care Secrets
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