Nannette de Gaspe – The Butt Mask Company?


Okay, so apparently there is such thing as butt masks now. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder. Either I’m way behind on what’s trending or these things are brand spanking new and going viral. See what I did there? LOL…

At any rate, there is one company that seems to be helping with these booty makeover tactics and celebs are even flocking to the product. The company is called Nannette de Gaspe and they are in the business of making people’s faces more plump, as well as their booty and chest. Girls like Kim Kardashian West, Katie Holmes, and even Cardi B are all about using these products.

Nannette de Gaspe butt mask

My guess is that they are opting to use the Nannette de Gaspe products versus surgery or other types of treatments because it’s a less invasive approach. Sure, girls of all types have been getting lip injections, butt enhancements and breast implants for decades. However, this may cause people to seek avenues. The key to using this product is quite simple. It’s just a sheet mask that you apply to whatever area you’d like to work on.

If you’re not sure what sheet masks are – then we’ve got A LOT of work to do in that case. The sheet mask trend was something that took off in 2017 and has exploded beyond what anyone had anticipated. In fact, based on my research, sheet masks were one of the most popular skin care terms searched over the last 12 months and the term has spiked in popularity over the last year.

sheet masks trend

What’s the difference between the Nannette de Gaspe products and other masks on the market? Well, these are dry sheet masks. They, of course, have other products to offer as well which you can order online from Barney’s website.

Supposedly, the butt and bust masks are more effective than any creams on the market. It has something to do with the formula made up of them, the hyaluronic acid and the marine collagen used to make these masks. These masks are made in Canada, based on my research and they are worth trying. If you’re looking to get your hands on these butt masks, then you’ll need to prepare to spend $175 for the tush mask. Head to your local Barney’s or Neiman Marcus to get them.

While I’m at it I might as well cover some of the other products thatĀ Nannette de Gaspe makes.

The Nannette de Gaspe masks are not just for your booty. They manufacture masks for your hands, eyes, neck, mouth, and chest (as previously stated). I took a closer look at each mask and here is what I learned about them. The eye mask has been created with an infused system that assists in the transporting of active ingredients to your skin. This helps with reducing the number of wrinkles, firming the skin, brightening your complexion and even boosting hydration. What I like about this particular mask is that it can be resealed and used for up to three times. It’s essentially a reusable mask and though some people may be against that, I find it just fine.

I took a closer look at the Tush aka butt mask and learned quite a bit about it. This sheet mask also has been built with the advanced infusion transportation allowing for better delivery of active ingredients. The result of using this butt mask is said to be better bounce, a firmer tushy, more elasticity in the region and more. The antioxidants in the mask help repair and skin and sun damage. There are 16 pairs in the Tush box and it costs $175.

The Restorative Neck Mask helps you firm and tighten the skin that’s located in the neck region. This helps you sculpt your neck area for the perfect look most are trying to achieve. This is a resuable mask which can be used up to three times. The cost is $90 and the mask can be purchased at any of the department stores previously mentioned.

Nannette de Gaspe – The Butt Mask Company?
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