Some people just don’t have a huge budget when it comes to purchasing skin and beauty products. Matter of fact, they don’t have the money for personal care products either. People that are on a strict budget likely have come across this inexpensive skin brand. The brand is called Nadinola and it was created and manufactured by a company called J Strickland & Co. This company pretty much focuses on creating products for ethnic consumers. They create products for people looking for both hair and skin remedies.

The start of the company is pretty amazing. It was actually founded back in 1936 on a small $500 loan. Since then, the company has expanded to a number of skin care brands. Some of the brands that they’ve created are ARTRA, Gloss8, White Rose, and Nadinola as well as Glover’s skin care. Most of the products that the company creates are low priced and very affordable, even for the people that have very small budgets. While they might claim that it works well, assuming the claim is fact is not enough.

Instead, it’s best to do your homework by reading all the reviews, checking out the product labels, and speaking with a professional skin doctor aka a dermatologist. There’s nothing that replaces the advice of a professional.

Nadinola cream review
The Fade Cream

Nadinola Reviews

I’m a huge advocate for reading as many reviews online as possible. Reason being, consumers love providing feedback, both good and bad. Another good thing about this is that most consumers leave feedback that varies not only from company to company but on each product as well.

Since most products are different, some might be more effective than others while others may be down right horrible. Since the price of these products is pretty low, you’ll like see more positive reviews for the Nadinola products versus negative ones. People get far more upset when they spend a significant amount of money and don’t get the results desired.

Some of the reviews that you’ll find online posted on Influenster and Walmart are pretty decent. Many of the review pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with the product and what’s great about them. One thing you must remember to do is to take into consideration everything that they discuss. For example, some of the products that contain a skin lightening cream known as hydroquinone speak about side effects such as irritation of the skin and other stuff. Some other reviews discuss that the products aren’t as effective as they claim to be. However, since the price is so low, it’s hard to get extremely upset about the product not working as successfully as others that are priced higher.

Speaking of price, it’s likely difficult for Nadinola to incorporate expensive ingredients which are effective in their formulas. Sure, they may incorporate them but they likely aren’t using enough of the ingredients. I’m not saying that the products don’t work. Instead, I’m saying that if you’re trying to deal with serious skin issues or bad wrinkles, even hyperpigmentation, may require more serious treatment.

The Ingredients

It wouldn’t be right of me to not shed some light on the brand and not talk about the actual ingredients. I”m going to cover some of the ingredients in two popular products associated with the brand.

Cocoa Butter Cream – The Nadinola products typically incorporate the use of cocoa butter cream which is used to help better moisturize your skin. This cream does its job without leaving that greasy feeling too. Not sure what cocoa butter is and does? It’s an ingredient that contains a few populars compounds and chemicals such a glycerin, propylene glycol, and soybean oil. These all do a few things to help improve the condition of your skin. It’ll create a strong barrier to your skin, help your skin heal, and even condition your skin. The cost of this cream is so cheap. Actually about as cheap as possible at $6 for a 4oz bottle.

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Fade Cream – The Nadinola fade cream is a cream that’s used to brighten your skin and lighten dark spots on your skin. It also does a lot to help moisturize your skin. There are a few ingredients included in this formula such as mineral oil, sodium metabisulfite, decyl oleate and more. Some of the things that these ingredients do is better lubricate your skin, preserve the product to extend the shelf life, improve product texture and more. Last but not least, the fade cream contains citric acid. This alpha hydroxy acid is a great chemical to help exfoliate your skin. As skin cells fall off, the dark spots soon begin to fade and skin becomes to get lighter. The price of this cream is as low as $5.

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Buying The Products

These products are pretty easy to find. If you’re looking to buy any of the Nadinola products, you’ll find them in Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart and more. If you’re looking to not leave your house and just make a purchase online, you can find them on Amazon, eBay and other retail sites. Don’t bother looking towards the company website to buy the products because they don’t sell them on there.

Side Effects

There are side effects that you might incur using the Nadinola products Most of the side effects that people have spoken about are associated with the the fragrances incorporated and parabens used.

The fragrance that has the ability to react negatively to some people’s skin and most of the time it doesn’t really provide any true benefits either. In fact, all signs point to issues such as inflammation and more.

Paragons may cause an issue as well but that’s something that I can’t really touch upon without more evidence or research.

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All of the Nadinola products are pretty cheap. So cheap that you shouldn’t really be concerned whether or not they work great. Do yourself a favor and try them out if you’d like. You really have nothing to lose other than a few dollars.

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