Myths About Skin Care Tips That You Should Know


In the skin care industry, there are often a lot of tips and tricks that get shared. If you do a search online for “do-it-yourself skin remedies” and “homemade skin care techniques,” you’re literally going to get millions of results. Well, as made as some people are going to be about me posting this article, I don’t care. I’m going to stomp a few skin care tips that I don’t believe in as of today.

skin care myths
Putting toothpaste on acne doesn’t work.

Skin Care Myths That I Need To Set Straight

With summer right around the corner. It’s time to kickstart your skin care routine in hopes of being able to flaunt a perfect complexion for the warmer months of the year.


How many times have to put toothpaste on your face in hopes of clearing up those blemishes? Enough to think that it works great right? WRONG! Putting a dab of toothpaste on your blemish at night isn’t all that great for you. What most people don’t know is that toothpaste contains ingredients that can often aggravate acne and cause irritation and even over drying. In the past, I had spent time plastering my face with toothpaste thinking I was doing my wallet and skin a favor. Little did I know, I was doing my face an injustice.


Some people put ice on with skin because it feels good. People think that just because something feels good that it’s helping. Well, unfortunately for you, it is not helping at all. An ice pack has literally zero active ingredients that are known to help treat your pimples. If anything, you could be doing more harm than good. Ice directly on your skin can cause burns and sometimes rosacea.


Another one of the popular myths is the power lemons have on your direct skin. I know that applying lemons directly to your skin sounds like detox heaven. Don’t get me wrong, lemons contain powerful antioxidants and have antibacterial powers but applying this tart fruit to your skin is not going to help you one bit. It’s more likely to cause your skin to burn and perhaps even peel.

Then What?

Well, the best option for you is to take a proactive approach and purchase products that are meant to specifically improve your skin. Any other approach isn’t a great way. I’m not telling you, spend all of your hard-earned money on skin care products. However, I think you should invest in your well-being if you truly care about yourself and appearance.

Myths About Skin Care Tips That You Should Know
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