My Girls Facial Serum (Product Review)

I first came across this skin care brand while searching for some products. The product that I saw was the My Girls Brightening 24/7 Redness Relief with Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Facial Serum. Given that I spend so much time researching and reviewing skin and beauty brands, I thought it only made sense for me to dig a little deeper into this one as well.

What I did was headed out of Amazon and went straight to Google to try and find more information on the company. I typically do this or I reach out to the company to discuss things with them when possible. I actually had a hard time finding the company website. No, not because it didn’t exist but because I just couldn’t find it online. Finally, I ended up seeing it and immediately clicked on it to check things out further.

You’ll want to learn about everything that I discovered before purchasing any of the products. Afterall, there’s no reason why anyone should purchase a skin care product when they don’t know the background of the product and company.

My Girls Serum

Information About The My Girls Facial Serum

Before I get into the product, I want to share some insight into things that I learned about the company. The first thing that you need to know is that My Girls™ Skin Care is owned and operated by Radiant Sun, LLC.

The company prominently displays their contact information (phone) and I was able to determine that they’re based out of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Now, even though the company is based out of Massachusetts, that doesn’t mean that the product comes from MA. The company actually got its start back in 2008 and has been manufactured in Hungary with the use of Calendula Officinalis Extract and Bulgarian Rose Petal Extract, both of which come from Europe. These ingredients are essentially the backbone of the health and beauty line due to their ability to help reduce redness and inflammation that so many consumers have to deal with these days.

The Radiant Sun company was started by a cancer survivor, breast cancer specifically. The owner had discovered the My Girls Cream while in Hungary and she ended up creating a formula to sell in the United States which would help others suffering from dermatitis and burns due to radiation exposure.

Time to get into the specifics with regards to the facial serum.

My Girl Serum Product Details

The first thing I want you to know about the products is that My Girl Skin Care uses ingredients that must meet a certain set of standards. According to the company website, they do not use any fillers nor do they use SLS, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs, or GMOs. All of the ingredients come from cold-pressed plant oils in order to better protect the therapeutic nature and properties of the oils derived from the plants. Lastly, the products have not been tested on animals.

As far as formulas are concerned, all formulas have been created in a Hungary manufacturing plant that has been BSI certified.

Okay, now for the actual product! Here’s what you need to know about the Brightening 24/7 Redness Relief with Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Facial Serum. If you take a look at the company website, you’ll immediately notice that the product sells for $39.99. There’s a single image on the product page which showcases the serum. I really wish they had additional photos of the product as it only makes sense to do so when selling skin care products online. Based on some language provided online, the product ships within 24 hours of being purchased.

Now although the facial serum did not have any reviews on the company website nor Amazon, it did showcase a decent description of the product. At the time of the review, the website specifically stated that the Brightening 24/7 Redness Relief with Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Facial Serum was a fast-acting absorbent serum which is infused with Calendula, Kakadu Plum Super Vitamin C, and Rose Petal Extract. These ingredients have all been incorporated to help revive dull skin as well as reduce the presence of lines. The combination of vitamins and proteins help prep the skin for greatness. Full disclosure, they did not say greatness but natural glow.


If you’re looking for a full ingredients list, then I suggest you take a look at the list below. I’ve listed everything that they’ve disclosed below. Based on the image shown on the site, they do not list the ingredients on the products, when I personally wish that they did. For me, it just makes me feel more comfortable when buying a product.

Essentail oils and organic* ingredients including: *Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, CoEnzyme Q 10, *Rose Petal Extract, Kakadu Plum Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol and Niacinamide (Vitamin B), Aloe Vera, *Calendula and Allantoin.

You’ve Been Warned

It’s very important that you not use this product if you have any known allergies to any plants at all. Better safe than sorry when it comes to skin care product use.

What Are The Benefits?

As far as benefits are concerned, the company has presented a few that they wish to make you aware of I guess. The first benefit is one I’ve already mentioned, being paraben free, fragrance-free, and dye free. All those things do matter quite a bit to people.

They also claim that the product helps relieve dry and itchy scalps due to chemotherapy and other types of cancer treatments.

Additionally, the brand makes claims that this serum helps plump as well as smooth your dull skin that might have become in this bad condition due to radiation treatment.

The product contains certified organic ingredients, is non-GMO and doesn’t test on animals. Since natural ingredients are used in this product, the colors and consistency may vary at times.

As far as shipping is concerned, it’s 100% free and included in the purchase. If you’re looking for a more speedy delivery then they have Priority mail as a mailing option.

My Teen Skin Care

I’d also like to point out that they have a skin care line that’s specifically geared towards teens and ten skin issues.

Amazon Listing

There’s not much to say about the Amazon listing other than it’s $59.99 versus the $39.99 on the company website. They list out all of the same benefits that they’ve shared on the company website. Actually, they’ve provided less information on Amazon then they have on

As far as product ranking is concerned, this is ranked #2450 in the serums category which is not a great ranking if I must be honest. However, it’s better than it could be.

If you’re looking to purchase this product, my advice would be to contact the company and ask them for more information on the product prior to making a purchase. Who knows, it just might work.

My Girls Facial Serum (Product Review)
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