Move Over K-Beauty, A-Beauty Is Taking Your Place


There’s always so many trends taking place in the skin care world. Honestly, I can’t even keep up with it all. I’m sure that you’re well aware that K-Beauty is booming, but A-Beauty might be taking its place sometime soon. For those not familiar with what that means, it’s Australian beauty and skin care. I wasn’t sure why this trend came about but after doing a little bit of research it was plain to see that Australian beauty is a real thing and here to stay.

For those unfamiliar, Australians have been connected to their natural environment for years and they tend to utilize the local resources better than most. As we move further and further away from toxic and processed beauty products, the Australians gain more and more recognition for heading in that direction from the get-go. The pureness and simplicity of things really help and the unique ingredients can make it that much easier to manage.

Don’t think that location doesn’t have to do with it though. the fact that Australia has some of the purest waters in the world, it’s perfect for formulating pure and clean skin care products to apply daily to your skin. It also helps that the plants within the region are able to last and even flourish in some areas which many would deem as being quite harsh from a climate perspective.

The people living in Australia or attempting to live the A-Beauty lifestyle, for the most part, do so with minimalism being taken into consideration. They live for simplicity and it even transcends into their makeup and beauty lifestyle. So, now that you know why A-Beauty exists and what made it come about, it’s time to learn what products you can and should consider if you want to jump on the A-Beauty train. Chances are you know about some of these brands and didn’t even realize they were Australian beauty brands.

A-Beauty Products

A-Beauty Skin Care Products To Consider Buying

This list is in no particular order at all. My advice to you would be to give one or two of the products a shot and see whether or not you like them. The first product that I want to suggest trying out is by Dr. Roebuck.

Dr. Roebucks Hydrating Mist

It’s the Bond Hydrating Mist and it’s well known for being able to put some moisture back into your skin without a problem at all. The product contains natural ingredients and is one of the most well-respected Australian brands out there. Loaded with B vitamins, cucumber, and Kakadu plum it’s a winner for sure.

grown alchemist

Next on the list is the Grown Alchemist Body Cream. This is an all organic body cream that contains things like rose, acai, and pomegranate. It’s affordable and can be used just about everywhere. I know people that use this on their skin, hair, and body. Give it a whirl and don’t be afraid to try many of the other products by Grown Alchemist as well.

cleanse beauty powder

I’ve never tried this next brand but people swear by it. The Beauty Chef is supposedly a great beauty product for those looking to attack their beauty from within. The Australian beauty brand produces a powder which helps detox your body and it does this through the use of superfoods, prebiotics, probiotics and other cool but natural ingredients. it’s on the expensive side as far as powders go, but it works no doubt about that!

A-Beauty Products

Last but not least you’ve got the Brilliant Skin Detofixying + Brighten clay mask. This Sand & Sky made clay mask contains pink clay from Australia Kakadu plum and mangosteen. I can guarantee that this is more natural and more effective than any clay mask you’re using. Just kidding, I can’t guarantee it but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were.

There you have it! A full rundown as to why A-beauty is taking off and what it’s got to offer in terms of products. Your move next…

Move Over K-Beauty, A-Beauty Is Taking Your Place
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