Move Over Chia, Moringa Powder Is Taking Your Place!


If I had a dollar for every time a new product or ingredient hit the skin care market, I’d be filthy rich! Nevertheless, it seems like a new product is making waves these days and it’s called moringa powder. Truth be told, I didn’t really know much about this product or anything that it did for your skin and health in general, but I do now!

moringa powder

Moringa Powder Is A Hot Skin & Health Product Today

The first thing that you need to know about moringa powder is that one simple serving packs a real punch! A spoonful actually contains a complete serving of vegetables and that might be one of the reasons why it’s becoming more popular than quinoa, turmeric, kale, and even matcha.

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Let me tell you a little about this ingredient because there’s a good chance you haven’t got a clue. Don’t worry, neither did I until I did some more research. Moringa aka moringa oleifera, also known as the ben oil tree and horseradish tree which is considered to be a super ingredient that’s jam-packed with nutritional value. People have said that this is essentially a “multi-vitamin in a leaf” that’s actually been around for a really long time. Once you know more about it, you’ll likely want to start incorporating this into your daily routine. I’ll do my best to cover some of the benefits of using moringa daily.

The Benefits Are Abundant

Based on some of the research that I’ve done, this plant has a ton of benefits. I’ll start by saying that it helps control your allergies if you’re prone to developing issues with this type of thing. Additionally, it’s said to control bad cholesterol.

One study even mentioned that moringa could be used as a possible anticancer drug. Researchers had done tests on how it impacts your liver cancer cells as well as lung cancer cells. They were able to conclude that that rate of death in the cells was close to 100%. Feel free to read up on the study here.

A couple of other things that this does is it can successfully help treat things like infections, kidney stones, severe headaches, and more. It’s also been known to help better control thyroid disorders. Some people choose to apply the ingredient topically in order to treat bites, athlete’s foot, dandruff, warts, and other conditions.

Nutritional Facts

The moringa plant is roughly 25% protein, making it a viable option for those purposely avoiding meats. One serving of the plant is said to contain lots of fiber, which can help keep your intestinal tract clean and functioning properly. This will help further prevent cancer from developing in the local area.

As far as your skin is concerned, moringa contains 17% of the daily vitamin E recommended dosage, making it a great option for those that want to slow the aging process to the fullest extent. If you don’t believe me, then I think you need to read this article on a study that took place in 2014. The study mentions improvements in the overall skin such as a reduction in roughness, scaliness, wrinkles and more.

Incorporating It Into Your Diet

There are a few different ways to incorporate this into your daily diet. Some people prefer to just mix the moringa powder with water or a protein shake and gulp it down. Others like to include it in some prepared dishes and some just go out and buy bars that contain the ingredient. One popular way to take this is to incorporate it into a ginger and caffeine shot of some sort.

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What’s Next?

Have an idea of what’s the next big ingredient to “trend” like crazy in the health and skin space? Awesome, then we want to hear from you today. We’re always willing to give you something in exchange for your insight.

Move Over Chia, Moringa Powder Is Taking Your Place!
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