Move Over Blowout Bars, Here Come Facial Bars


New York is known for being all about a few things, one of which is looking as good as possible. That includes fashion, skin care and every other physical aspect of looking fabulous. Women in the city are all too familiar with what blowout bars are and what they can do for them.

facial bars

Facial Bars Are The New Thing To Do

It’s a concept where a consumer can head to the bar and enjoy a nice weekly blowout. You know, so their hair looks absolutely perfect for their nightly events. Well, it seems as though the latest craze that’s catching on is the facial bar.

For example, one of the facial bars that have recently popped up in the Upper East Side is known as Silver Mirror. They opened their doors for business yesterday with one concept in mind: to provide customized facial treatments for customers weekly.

One of the creators came up with the idea after realizing that she had gotten facials every week for a long period of time. It was just one of those things that she did. These express facials cost her about $50 to $300 depending on the type of session that she purchased that week.

Well, Cindy Kim and her partner came up with the idea of creating the facial bar to create customized facial treatments for clients. Each of the treatments are tailored to the customers needs with sessions lasting roughly 30 to 50 minutes each and costing between $75 and $130 per session.

If you live in New York City and you’re having a bad skin day then maybe you want to treat yourself to some special care. Just visit Silver Mirror at 862 Lexington Avenue in New York and I’m sure they’ll be able to take care of you.

I’d be willing to be that this is going to be a big hit. We’ll probably see a good number of facial bars popping up between New York and Miami in no time. If you’re interested then I suggest you check it out!

Move Over Blowout Bars, Here Come Facial Bars
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