Most Important Skin Products For Men Turning 40!


We’re all getting older and there’s absolutely no way around it. Eventually, you’ll end up at the ripe age of 40 wondering where on earth the years went! Although I’m not quite there yet, it’s getting close and I don’t want to be the one worrying about my skin at that age. That’s why I’ve decided to start early and kick things into high gear at a younger age.

However, if you’re turning 40 years old or you’ve just recently turned the corner, I’ve got a list of what I’d consider the most important skin products one can use after getting over the hump. This list is in no particular order at all. In fact, it would just be in your best interest to start working all these things into your daily routine if and when possible. Sure, some of the products are not meant for daily use but most of them are and they should be used as directed.

skin products for men over 40

Guys, Are You Turning 40 Years Old? Here Are Some Skin Products To Start Using!

I’ve mentioned some of these products in the past and in the event that I have, I’ve referenced where you can read about them and learn more. Now, no more wasting time! Here are some top-notch products that you should consider working into your routine as soon as you hit 40 years old (or even better, sooner)!

Oh, and before you give me a hard time about it, these products will cost more than what you’re used to but at this stage of your life, you should have some money sacked away for a rainy day. Apply that money to your skin and you’ll look a lot younger when you hit the age of 50.

Did you know that La Mer made a cleanser? Given that your skin has basically stopped producing as much collagen as it once was, you’ve now got to step up your cleansing game to help keep things fresh and regenerating. It’s also a good idea given that you’re not able to fight off those environmental factors that you once could easily fight. A good cleansing will help keep your skin detoxed and no doubt about it, the La Mer Cleansing Foam will help. It’s not cheap and comes in at $120 for 125ml. FYI, this is a brand that The Rock uses too.

The next thing you’ll want to do is scrub things up a notch. You won’t need to do this daily, but a couple times a week you’ll want to touch beyond just the surface of your skin and doing so will help you remove lots of dirt, oil, and grime. The scrubbing will help remove all the dead skin cells which end up building up, making it more difficult for new skin cells to form at the surface. Lots of guys in their 40s use this scrub before they shave in order to help loosen the ingrown hairs and bring them to the surface.

Are you incorporating any technology into your skin care routine? Well, when you hit 40 you better start doing so! You can update your Apple devices on an annual basis but you’re not incorporating tech into your skin routine, then your skin is suffering as a result. Think about picking up the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Cleansing Device which will likely cost you about $280 or so. It’s going to help you cleanse way better as it does the job 10x what your hands and fingers would do.

You need to start using a serum every day too. Skin serum might be the most legit and required product that you use after getting over the hill. It’s no longer an option but a necessity. Think of this product as being able to supercharge an engine. That engine is your skin which needs all the collagen boosting it can get. There are plenty of serums out there that you can consider, one of which is the Elite Serum Rx. Lucky for you, it only costs $39.99 or something like that. Very affordable for just about any middle-aged man.

What about moisturizer? At your age, you better plan on using both moisturizer and sunscreen…


If you don’t, I can almost guarantee you’re skin is going to have problems in a quick way. My suggestion is to stick to my guns and opt for the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel which contains SPF 15. Now, you should attempt to use an SPF 30 if you can get your hands on it. This product costs $39 and it’s a game changer, especially for those that have never used Kiehl’s products before. See also: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

Well, that’s what I’ve got for the men hitting that milestone. Do yourself a solid and step your skin care game up pronto or there will be repercussions to pay! No doubt about that!

Most Important Skin Products For Men Turning 40!
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