Modiface Skin AI App Tells You What Products Will Work


Have you ever spent both time and money buying products, applying them and having them yield zero results? Sure, you and the rest of the world have all had this issue. Modiface might have just the solution for you. Want to avoid overspending and buying products that don’t work? Guess what, there’s an app for that.

Men and women spend thousands of dollars annually wondering if various skin care products are going to work. They splurge on a new jar, tub or tube of magic serum. Yet, they’re left with the same terrible complexion. Thankfully, ModiFace decided to step in and do something about that. I’ll give you a hint. Instead of taking Snapchat¬†selfies that ruin your skin, use your mobile phone to treat your skin better.

Imagine being able to try on a product and see the potential results without ever making a purchase. The new ModiFace app is called Skin AI and it showcases the potential results in real-time.

modiface skin ai app

ModiFace Skin AI App Reveals Transformations

Here’s how the app works. According to an article, the founder of ModiFace, Dr. Parham Aarab said that this is “game-changing technology.” He also mentioned that it helps you both assess and visually understand the impact that various beauty products can have on your skin.

The main reason the technology and ultimately the app was created was to serve a specific purpose. It was created to be able to detect various skin conditions or concerns that consumers may have. Things such as acne, uneven skin tones, dark spots, excessive lines, rosacea, skin pigmentation, discoloration and more. The issues are able to be assessed through the use of an app and it’s all done in real-time.

If you’re the type that scours the Internet for before and after photos prior to purchasing a product, then you’ll love Skin AI. Apparently, it has the capability to show you skin comparisons with the touch of a button.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something in tech for skin. The wearables at the CES Show¬†proved that to be true. However, this technology might be just what people need. Who knows, if it works it may save them some money or help them understand everything they’re doing right and wrong for their skin. Should you be even slightly intrigued about the technology, then I suggest you watch the video posted below. You can bypass that, download the app and form your own opinion of the new technology as well. The choice is yours. It is your skin, your body, your choice. The iTunes app is available for download and it works on both the iPhone and iPad. With over half a dozen features, it’s worth checking out.

Modiface Skin AI App Tells You What Products Will Work
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