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If you’re the type that wears makeup on a daily basis, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this product review. Many women spend countless hours applying makeup in order to get the absolute perfect look. They do this all and within just hours it’s completely faded. They’ve got absolutely nothing left and that’s the end of the pretty face.

If you’re trying to achieve that perfect makeup face and pretty look, then you know it’s never as easy as it sounds. Many people forget one seriously important step and that’s applying something known as “setting spray.” There is one spray out there that seems to have won the popular vote and that’s called, Model In A Bottle.

Model In A Bottle ReviewMore About The Model In A Bottle Product

This is a beauty company that has persistently focused on accomplishing one task and that’s locking in your makeup! Their objective of making sure your makeup stays in perfect place is all that they care about. Basically, they don’t want you worrying about your face fading or have to touch things up midday or anything of that nature.

The product was created with through the positive impact of inspirational women that wanted to keep themselves looking their best the entire day. The company itself is quite small and they prefer to focus on an exclusive line of makeup sealers and setting sprays in order to save cosmetic users time and money over the long run. They basically promise that your makeup is going to look just as good as it did when you set it, no matter what time of the day.

The Various Model In A Bottle Products

As previously stated, the company prefers to focus on a smaller number of products. They do their best to produce what’s known as the most popular setting sprays and sealers in the industry without veering into other areas.

They literally only have four products that they offer. The products consist of the Original Setting Spray, Sensitive Skin Setting Spray, Eyebrow Sealer, and the Lipstick Sealer. I’ll do my best to cover each of the products to give you a better idea as to what they do and what ingredients are used to create them.

“Original” Model In A Bottle Setting Spray

This is without a doubt the most popular product that the company manufactures. The spray was first created to act as a mist that essentially “finishes” the application of your makeup with just a few simple sprays.

This spray typically leaves what’s known as a matte type finish which is very soft. This can help your makeup stay put and make it look totally fresh even towards the end of the day without applying a single touch up.

The mist has a very desirable and clean as can be scent when sprayed. It dries pretty quickly and is almost non-existent to the eye once completely dry. The formula is completely water-resistant so things like tears, sweat, humidity and more won’t harm it at all. This setting spray will work all day long and absorb oil as well as moisture. It does this through the aloe vera extract that has been included in the proprietary formula.

If you’re worried about this product clogging your pores, you can stop worrying. It won’t do that. Assuming that you’ve got normal skin, then this might be the best setting spray for you.

A complete list of ingredients:

SD Alcohol 40B
Acrylates / Octylacrylamide Copolymer
Aminomethyl Propanol
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Biosaccharide Gum-1

Model In A Bottle Eyebrow Sealer

If you’re having trouble locking in your eyebrows, then the eyebrow sealer might be the product for you. There are so many people out there that use pomades, creams, pencils, and powders in an attempt to improve their eyebrow game. When they don’t use it, they end up have running eyebrows or faded pencil marks. The works can sometimes end up being the problem. The sealer does its part by promising to keep your eyebrows in place regardless of whether or not you’re using the product on them.

The product has a unique applicator which allows you to easily apply the sealer. It’s similar to applying mascara. This can give you a very natural look and feel to the area. Assuming you paint your eyebrows on with a pencil, then applying this can ensure that the pencil stays on point all day long. The product leaves a matte finish that’s soft and doesn’t leave your eyebrows looking shiny as the day progresses.

On another good note, the product will not clog your pores and is made in the United States. It can be purchased for the low price of $14.95.

Some of the ingredients in the Eyebrow Sealer are:

SD Alcohol-40B Octylacrylamide
Butylaminoethyl Methacrtiate Copolymer
Propylene Glycol
Sodium Sacchairn
Ceytl Alcohol

“Sensitive” Model In A Bottle Spray

This version of the Model In A Bottle Spray is the sensitive skin version. The version actually works the exact same way as the Original version. The only difference is that the product incorporates the use of essential oils such as Aloe Vera and Lavender. It’s not tested on any animals and it never interferes with anything related to your sunscreen or anything of that nature.

The product dries and leaves a translucent look and feel to it. All you need to do is give it a few quick sprays with your eyes closed and that’s about it. It should keep your makeup in place throughout the day and evening without the inflammation and skin irritation that many others may have from using the original formula. If you have extra sensitive skin or even dry skin, then I suggest giving this product a try.

A complete list of ingredients:

SD Alcohol 40B
Butylene Glycol
Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether
Acrylates / Octacrylamide Copolymer
Polysorbate 20
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Biosaccharide Gum-1
Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract

Lipstick Sealer

Last but not least, they have a Model In A Bottle Lipstick Sealer, which you can imagine does one thing quite well. It basically makes your lipstick smudge proof to the fullest extent. No more leaving lipstick marks on glasses or faces. The product is 100% made from plants without any chemical or dyes that are harmful. It dries quickly and is toxin free.

A complete list of all ingredients:

SD alcohol 3
Butyl stearate

Third-Party Reviews

There are plenty of reviews written on this makeup setting sealer. All you have to do is google “Model In A Bottle Reviews” and you’ll find plenty of results out there online. In fact, on alone you can find 698 reviews that have been written on the product.

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