Mix These With Water To Achieve Better Skin


I’ve been saying that water consumption is huge for your skin. In fact, I’ve said it so much that I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over. Well, the reason I do so is due to the fact that water is so detrimental if you want perfect skin. However, you’ll be happy to hear that adding a few things can make your skin even better looking.

While I hate to play favorites here, but the things I’m about to mention are without a doubt great additions to include in your water consumption activities.

Add To Water

Want Perfect Skin? Add This To Your Water.

Before I cover all the things that you’ll want to add to your water, let me first start by explaining how crucial it is for you to consume two liters of water daily. If you’re not doing that, then start with that. Be sure to replace your soda pop consumption with water if you haven’t already. Getting back to the additives…

What you add to your water really depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish. Based on your needs and issues, you’ll want to add these things:

Clearing Up Acne

If you’re in a constant battle fighting off acne, then you’ll want to look into incorporating things into your water consumption that help detox your skin. Here are some things that I suggest adding to fight off acne. The first is lemon because it helps to detox your skin as well as your digestive system. The next thing you’ll want to consider adding is raw honey. The antibacterial properties of the honey help better clear up your acne. Next on the list is apple cider vinegar, which we’ve been praising for a while for many reasons. This helps detox your body and skin too. Last but certainly not least is cinnamon. Add some cinnamon to your water and it will help with blood circulation and the reduction of breakouts.

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Boosting Hydration

There’s a reason why spas and skin treatment facilities add cucumber to their water. No, it’s not just to make it taste better. Cucumber spa water helps increase your hydration level by 100%, which can help alleviate any irritation caused by dryness. Next on the list is aloe¬†vera. I know, super strange but true. Aloe water is great and just adding a little bit of juice to your water might be just the trick. It’s going to moisturize your skin like never before! The next popular additive for hydrating your skin is watermelon. Not to mention, this fruit makes the water taste so good and refreshing!

Fix Dull Skin

If you want to fix your dull skin, then add some strawberries to your water. The vitamin C and antioxidants do a body good and the strawberries and water help deliver that to you. Many people add mint to mojitos but adding mint to your water is a much better idea. It’ll help with digestion which can help improve your dull skin issues from the get-go. Some people like to incorporate the use of chlorophyll to their water too. There are lots of benefits of doing so.

Anyway, add those things to your grocery list for the weekend and you’ll be glad that you did. Trust me on that and have a nice weekend! Happy New Year!

Mix These With Water To Achieve Better Skin
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