Mistakes You Are Making That Are Damaging Your Skin


If you are like many of the young women living in society today, you have almost no time for anything. It’s so true, we are so darn busy with life in general! That said, it’s easy for us to make mistakes, especially when it comes to our skin. The good news is that awareness is one of those things that can really make a difference.

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Skin Care Mistakes That Are Damaging Young Women

Here’s a quick rundown of the mistakes that most young women are making today. These should be taken more seriously if you want to look flawless!

Sleeping Covered In Makeup
Ladies, I can’t stress how damn important this one truly is. I don’t care if you are stumbling over drunk from a night out clubbing with the girls. You have got to remove your makeup every single night! Makeup clogs your¬†pores like none other. It disrupts any healing process that takes place and it’s by far one of the biggest mistakes any woman can make too many times. Reason being, it can lead to having very enlarged pores. Once you’ve got them, there is no turning back.

I didn’t even mention the impact that a lack of sleep has on your skin. If you’re coming home too tired or messed up to wipe makeup off then chances are you are not sleeping enough.

Over Treating Your Skin
Sometimes less is truly more. Women tend to be product hungry. They will use as many products as they can in order to look stunning. Many of these products contain ingredients that are downright risky for you to use. If you’re mixing too many products together, it can damage your skin big time.

Lacking In The Moisturizing Department
If you have oily skin, I bet you’re not moisturizing it enough. It’s a misconception that moisturizing oil skin only makes it worse. That’s so false! You need to moisturize all skin, even a face that is extra oily.

Cotton Pillowcases In Bed
Using a cotton pillowcase in bed can really damage your skin. The material is actually quite abrasive and can even cause collagen to breakdown. Think about changing your cotton pillowcases to silk fabric or even satin if you want to save your skin for good.

Exfoliating Your Skin
If you are one that exfoliates daily, then you’re doing nothing good for your skin. The only thing over exfoliating does to your skin is it damages the surface. It also strips all those important oils from your beautiful face and can lead to more breakouts.

Start putting your face and health first and stop making so many skin care mistakes. You will notice a difference for sure.

Mistakes You Are Making That Are Damaging Your Skin
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