Winter Skin Care Misconceptions


winter skin care tips Misconceptions of skin care during the winter

Winter is thought of as a season of hardship; not only for the body and the psyche, but for the skin as well. It feels flaky, irritated, dry, red and tight. But even more damage may be incurred by the use of  incorrect skin care products. There are many misconceptions here that need to be addressed and myths to be busted.

No matter which skin type you have, this article is very important to you if you live in a cold weather area.

Misconception 1: Protection from the sun

The absence of sunlight does not mean that the skin is not subjected to its harmful effects. As the saying goes if no light source is needed to be able to see where you are going, then you need sun block. Even during the winter a sunscreen of SPF 15 and above is needed. Ideally a sunscreen with SPF 30 combined with a moisturizer is best. Especially participating in outdoor sports requires the re-application of sunscreen every few hours.

Misconception 2: No need for exfoliation

Men do not have the problem of exfoliation as they shave all year round. But they should add hydrating serums and moisturizers to the care of their skin.

For some inexplicable reasons, women think that exfoliation is not needed in winter. Actually it is the exact opposite that is true. Not only the rest of the skin care products work better but also the skin is better soothed.

The only consideration is to substitute a harsh scrub or a strong acid with gentler ones like a serum with lactic acid. Also, if during the summer you exfoliate 4 times a week, you should only do that twice during the winter.

Misconception 3: Spa treatments

A treatment in a good spa should not be considered an indulgence to be experienced in the summer time during a vacation. Actually the best time to get such a treatment is the winter. It is the best time for facials, chemical peels and laser treatments as it is more likely that the exposure to the sun will be limited due to the harsh conditions. And this is the ideal condition to give you skin a real work-out.

Misconception 4: Hot showers and long baths

Probably the worst thing to do in all weather conditions, but especially in winter it would be best if you pressed yourself to resist the urge. Long baths and hot showers will deprive your skin from the essential moisturizing elements. The best process is to have short showers with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer immediately afterwards. It would also be wise to use a humidifier.

Misconception 5: Skin care products

It is wrong to think that you can use the same skin care products all year round. At least your moisturizer should be switched to a thicker and creamier one. Your cleansing solution should also be switched to an oil based or creamier one. Harsh conditions require more moisture for the skin.

Winter puts every part of the body under straining conditions. This may also be true for the summer but it is a completely different kind of strain as far as the skin is concerned. And the appropriate measures need to be taken to maintain it in good health.

Winter Skin Care Misconceptions
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