Minimalism: Approaching Skin Care In A Simpler Manner


The new year makes some people want to simplify their lives. Not to mention, minimalism is a trend that seems to be trending these days. I guess people feel that the less stuff they have to deal with, the simpler their lives will be. I can’t say that I blame them really.

On the other end of the spectrum sits the product junkie. You know¬†the kind of people that attempt to incorporate new products into their regimen whenever they can. They’ll stop at nothing to add a half a dozen products to their routine if they think it makes sense. I’m here to help you put an end to that type of behavior. There’s one simple trick to this that most people forget to do. I’m here to share it with you today.

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Skin Care Minimalism And Why It Works

Although I myself like to test out a number of products, I know there’s only a small arsenal of products that I really need to consider using for the most part. One crucial component to the minimalistic approach to skin care is identifying whether or not an ingredient is personally good for your skin. In other words, you need to identify which ingredients are causing you issues and which are helping to improve your skin condition. I’m going to give you some tips on how to begin approach skin care from a minimalist perspective.

Start With Less Is More

In the event that you find an ingredient that contains fewer ingredients versus another, then you’ve hit the lottery, my friend! The fewer ingredients listed on a label, the higher the concentration level. It’s better to use ingredients that are more concentrated versus those that have a ton of ingredients which are less concentrated.

Easy To Pin Point

Using products with fewer ingredients makes it much easier to investigate a product. Assuming you’re having a really bad reaction to a product, you might have a hard time determining what the issue is. On the other hand, when using products with fewer ingredients, it’s much easier to identify common issues.


When you’re familiar with products and the specific ingredients that they contain, you’re able to customize your entire process and routine. The key here is that you’re able to easily regulate or control the ingredients that you’re ingesting. You can customize your routine to avoid ingredients that cause you to break out and as a result, you’ll have much better-looking skin.

Whatever you do, you’ve always got to remember to think before adding a new product to your routine. In the event that you truly want to take a minimalistic approach, then you need to keep the products to a minimum. Use those that are necessary and nothing more.

Minimalism: Approaching Skin Care In A Simpler Manner
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