Microneedling Might Be The New Skin Care Craze


When something new comes along in any industry, it’s often sparked as being a hot trend at best. This goes especially for new things that come about in the skin care industry. Microneedling might be all the rage, but is it here to stay or will it fade away? Find out what a few dermatologists have to say about it all!


Microneedling Is The New Rage In Skin Care

According to an article published in Vogue, microneedling is a “Technique that uses a needle-studded wand to drive tiny holes into the skin (potentially down to the dermis) with the goal of spurring collagen growth.” Make no mistake, this has been around for quite some time. In fact, according to Vogue, Cheryl Burgess, M.D., has been microneedling since the 1980s.

Some dermatologists have hung up their lasers and are now choosing the needle versus the latest laser craze. According to a Denver dermatologist named Joel Cohen, M.D., microneedling is actually an activity that people can incorporate into their routine if they , “want to help their skin stay smooth and taut in between laser sessions,” he says.

Now, if you’re simply looking to increase product absorption, you can incorporate some microneedling. The procedure is said to help make your skin react and feel like the skin of a 20-year-old. If you’re an older individual that loves having the skin of a college student in their early 20s then I’d suggest giving it a shot.

For full disclosure purposes, I have no idea whether or not micro needling actually works as well as dermatologists have stated. I’m personally not planning on ever incorporating any micro needling into my skin care routine.

Knowing everything that I’ve shared with you about the procedure described above, would you entertain incorporating this activity into your skin regimen? If you’ve had the procedure done, I’d love to hear your personal experience of it all! Should you care to share your story and be featured on our site, feel free to email me!

Update: Brandice created a video on this topic and I wanted to share it with you all. See below…

Microneedling Might Be The New Skin Care Craze
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