Micro TagBand Removal Skin Tag Kit (Product Review)

Some people prefer to take the natural route and they do so with the biggest smile on their face. They prefer to keep it real and go natural. While I’ve got no problems with people taking that approach, it’s not always the best way to do things. However, it might be the best approach for some dealing with skin tags and moles. That is where the Micro TagBand Removal kit comes into play.

Regardless of where your skin tag is present on your body, it can be totally annoying. I get that and it’s one of the main reasons why so many people want them gone for good! If you’re not familiar with what a skin tag is then consider yourself lucky. For those interested in finding out, they’re growths that occur on the skin. They can form just about anywhere you can think of. I’ve seen people with skin tags on their neck, arms, eyelids, underarm area, legs and even more intimate areas.

Trying to remove these skin tags can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you’re trying to do it with little to no harm being done. If you’re trying to remove them from your body completely, then be prepared for a battle and a half. It’s very difficult to deal with, there’s no question about that. If you’ve stubbornly attempted to rip, tear, or even scratch your skin tag off, then you know it’s not happening.

The good news is that you’ve got lots of options out there if you want to put forth the effort to remove your skin tags and moles. One of those options is incorporating the TagBand Removal Kit.

Micro Tagband skin tag removal kitWhat Is The Micro TagBand Kit?

Let me shed some more light on this TagBand kit so you have a better idea as to what it is and what it can accomplish for you. It only makes sense to learn about a product before using it, especially if you’re going to be applying products to your skin.

The Micro TagBand Skin Tag and Mole Removal Kit is a special kit that guarantees tags and moles will be gone within seven days of use. They also guarantee that once the skin tags have been removed, they will not come back at all, ever.

The icing on the cake, this product claims to remove tags with minimal effort and zero pain. The product helps eliminate skin tags which can be extremely embarrasing, to say the least. Additionally, sometimes these skin tags can be very irritating and annoying when rubbing against your clothing. They’re unsightly and that’s the way it goes, really. The good news is that this simple step procedure can help alleviate the issues you’ve dealt with overtime with these moles and skin tags.

How Does It Work?

The Micro TagBand works by limiting or restricting the blood flow within the skin tag. Restricting blood flow seems to do the trick and speeds up the removal process significantly. The product was made to be able to help you remove skin tags easily in the comfort of your home, regardless of the size or shape. I’ll touch upon the actual removal process shortly. But first, here’s what you need to know in terms of what the TagBand Tag Removal Kit consists of. Afterall, you need to know what you’re buying right!

When you purchase the kit, you’ll get the:

  • Micro TagBand Remover
  • Micro TagBand cone
  • Micro TagBand bands (10)
  • Micro TagBand swabs (10)

That’s all you get and that’s all you need.

How To Use The Kit

Here are the specific steps that you need to take if you want to remove skin tags from your body for good. It’s a simple four-step process that just about anyone can handle.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the area. Be sure that the skin tag has been washed and is clean to prevent infection. You’ll want to use the swabs that come with the kit to clean the area. Once completed, take one of the Micro bands and push it onto the top of the cone.

Step 2: The second step is to then place the TagBand cone on the skin tag and push it so the cone is on the entire skin tag.

Step 3: Take the TagBand remover and place it on the cone while simultaneously pushing in the direction of the skin tag. The band should eventually come off the end of the cone.

Step 4: The band should be tightly holding the skin tag until it falls off which is likely to occur within a seven day period. It really depends on the size and the shape of the skin tag.

Please remember that these skin tags are not the type of conditions which will fall off or go away right away.It may take time for the process to unravel and complete. You should see discoloration take place and eventually it will fall off. Just be patient and you’ll have plenty of luck with this I’m sure.

What’s The Cost?

The TagBang Skin Tag kit is very affordable. Given that treatment at a doctor office can cost hundreds, spending less than $20 for a single kit isn’t much. I should also mention that it’s enough product for you to successfully remove ten skin tags. Chances are that you do not have more than a couple if any at all.

I get asked this all the time, “Can it help you remove tags for good?” Yes, the product works to help remove skin tags and moles for good. If you’re looking for a permanent solution then this might be one to consider.

Sure, there are alternative methods to consider such as SkinPro’s Skin Tag Eraser, but the choice is yours on which approach you see as being best fitting.

skinpro mole remover

If you’re interested in reading up on skin tags and mole removal before taking any action, then I suggest reading this article as well as this one.

Micro TagBand Removal Skin Tag Kit (Product Review)
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