Michael Phelps Has Weird Red Dots All Over His Skin!


Michael Phelps had something very strange going on with his skin. If you were watching the telecast of him performing during the Olympics, you would have noticed it too. I mean, it was rather difficult to not see. The red dots were literally covering his entire body. No, these dark red circles are not a disease or condition. Find out what they were below.

michael phelps red dots on skin
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Olympic Winner Michael Phelps Had Red Dots On His Skin And This Is Why

What many don’t know is that a lot of athletes practice different types of therapy to help their bodies recover. The Olympic gold winner practices a type of therapy known as cupping. The ancient Chinese technique helps relieve muscle soreness and tension which can be present when over exertion is present. The technique has been used for years and it’s well-known around the world.

What the suction cups do is they pull the skin away from the muscle. This further loosens the muscle and as a result, the muscle is able to heal quicker. The technique is essentially the exact opposite of receiving a massage. The cupping creates additional blood flow in the area which can help improve muscle movement.

The question here is what type of impact the treatment has on his skin?

Well, as you can see, the skin can look rather discolored from any type of treatment like this. The discoloration can even last up to 7 days. As brutal as it sounds and looks, it’s not that bad. In fact, the good news is that so long as the cupping is done in a controlled and professional environment, there should be no long-term effects on the skin. If it’s done in a less controlled environment by someone that is not a professional, anything can happen.

I would not suggest trying this at home. Honestly, I wouldn’t suggest getting a treatment like this on a daily basis either. Please keep in mind that I’m not an expert when it comes to cupping or any type of similar treatment. Definitely do not try this at home, especially with your vacuum cleaner. I know what you’re thinking!

Thanks @arschmitty for my cupping today!!! #mpswim #mp 📷 @chasekalisz

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Michael Phelps Has Weird Red Dots All Over His Skin!
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