Merle Norman Cosmetics Review

Merle Norman Cosmetics modelsBased out of Los Angeles, Merle Norman Cosmetics is a successful skin care company producing a popular range of skin products as well as makeups and perfumes. If you’re familiar with the brand then the name Merle Norman Cosmetics may prompt you to remember the cosmetic range that your Mom uses. However, over the recent years, the company has become more and more trendy and is now a very cool and stylish brand.

First established in 1931, Merle Norman Cosmetics has grown as an established and reputable company in the United States and now have their own dedicated research team for the development of their product lines and run the entire operation out of the US.

Merle Norman Cosmetics focus on developing high-quality products and establishing franchise deals with small businesses across the country to bring the products to market. This approach has seen the accelerated growth and popularity of the company across the US over the years. With a strong ethos on encouraging entrepreneurism and offering a business opportunity with minimal risk, Merle Norman is proving a great company to partner with for many.

A Little More Background on Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman is the lady behind the brand. Having a strong passion for cosmetics, Merle started off creating her own range of homemade products, which she tried out on her friends and family. From here, she then opened her first cosmetics atelier in Santa Monica and had good success largely due to being one of the pioneers of the ‘try before you buy’ approach to cosmetics. Merle then began to offer makeovers for women, which also added to her popularity.

Merle certainly is a real entrepreneur, as soon after the success of her first outlet she then began to offer a franchising opportunity to other woman who also fancied the idea of running their own Merle Norman outlet.

About Merle Norman Products

What I especially like about the Merle Norman brand is that they also produce a decent range of skin care products aside from their cosmetic line. With regards to the skin care line, they have products that will help with conditions such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles and other unwanted skin issues. The Merle Norman exfoliating masks and facial creams seem to be especially popular as well as their newer line of products designed for men.

As a franchise company, Merle Norman Cosmetics does not permit the sale of their products online or from one’s home address, but only from a genuine Merle Norman studio. Due to this, prices can vary slightly from one outlet to another as each franchisee has a little flexibility on what to price the items they sell in their store. However, having said this, the prices are kept affordable overall by the company. To give you an example of this, cosmetics such as lip liner, blush, foundation, mascara and eyeshadow range from $8-$16, which is very reasonable for good quality cosmetic products.

Making A Purchase of Merle Norman Products

As mentioned previously, a person needs to visit a Merle Norman studio in order to purchase any of their products. Be aware that if you do find some of their products available for purchase online then they are likely not genuine as the company does not permit the sale or purchase of their products online at this time. We have no idea at this point if this will change in the future, but we hope that it may do so at some point.

Merle Norman Cosmetics have an official website, which is Here you can see their full product range and also use the ‘Find A Studio’ button to locate your nearest store. It’s advisable to call ahead to check the prices if you are wanting to know the specific cost of an item before you venture over there as each store’s price can be slightly different. You will also notice that there is the ‘Own a Studio’ button on their website, which leads to the information about becoming a franchisee.

Merle Norman Skin Care Range

The Merle Norman skin care range includes a number of great products. These include acne treatments, anti-ageing serums and formulas, toners, anti-ageing eye creams, redness reduction creams, cleansers, moisturisers and more.

While there are so many good products to talk about from Merle Norman cosmetics, we picked out three to tell you about.

Age Defying Serum

age-defying-serumOne product in particular that caught our eye was the ‘Age Defying Serum’. The Merle Norman scientists have created this product to be suitable for all skin types and to be suitable for all kinds of premature ageing issues. The product is packed with vitamins to nourish your skin and help keep it looking younger. Besides the high amount of vitamins, this product also contains other antioxidants such as white tea and pomegranate extract in a base cream that has been designed to hydrate the skin and leave a silky smooth finish.

The company suggests using this product twice a day. While this may actually be good practice, we also need to consider that this may be a ploy in order to get you to use and therefore, buy more.

We at think this product is certainly an interesting one and worth considering to add to your anti-ageing regimen. To see more anti-ageing products recommended by, click here.

Brilliant-C Eye Cream

eye-creamSecondly, another product that caught our eye was the Brilliant-C Eye Cream. Again, this product has been cleverly formulated to be suitable for all skin types. Using the product helps to address darkness, sagging and lacklustre around the eyes. Using Merle Morman Cosmetics’ trademark Bright+ Complex┬« to moisturize and brighten the eyes, the product helps to lessen the signs of advanced ageing, darkened areas and even sunspots. Containing a rich blend of both emollients and botanicals, this product helps to lift and brighten tired looking eyes.

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Brilliant-C Neck and Chest Cream

neck-creamAnother concern for ladies is when you start to notice the sagging of skin around the neck area. This naturally happens as we age due to the lessening of collagen in the skin. However, if you have this issue yourself then you’re probably well aware that there is actually something you can do about it thanks to specially formulated creams such as this one.

Suitable for all skin types, the Merle Norman Brilliant-C Neck and Chest Cream has been formulated by their scientists to keep a youthful appearance of the neck and chest area. The cream is able to do this mainly due to the high amount of vitamins that are contained within. This product again contains their Bright+ Complex® to help bring about a bright and fresh appearance to the skin.

Although we weren’t as impressed with this product compared to the Age Defying Serum, which seems to pack more of a punch, the Brilliant-C Neck and Chest Cream does certainly seem like a good product. To see the top neck care products recommended by us, click here.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Review
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