Men Need Skin Care Too!


Skin Creams for MenMen need skin care too!

A few years back just the mere mention of skin care products for men would result in a huge argument. Men used to consider that it is a matter of manhood not to take care of the skin. In some cultures it is still a prowess imperative to display the passage of time on a man’s face. But, taking care of the largest organ of the body is not a matter of good looks. It’s a matter of health.

Men’s Skin Creams – Understanding the Products

Women should also stop considering that cultural imperatives are just an excuse for not taking care of a man’s skin. There are plenty of cultures and subcultures that consider such practices as signs of femininity and homosexuality and the men that follow them are banished from the community if not outright executed. They should always check a man’s background and upbringing before they start launching accusations on excuses.

To persuade more men to start taking care of their skin the focus should be in matters of health and not in matters of appearance. The first thing to consider here is that men’s skin presents fundamental differences than women’s.

Male hormones tend to produce more sebum. Shaving exfoliates the skin which means that it can get dry. Even more so if shaving creams are used. Not to even consider what happens to men that shave without first treating the skin with water and a shaving foam or cream. Some men feel their skin turns problematic or even have aching after a shave and use after shave lotions and balsams. Furthermore, testosterone makes the male skin 25% thicker than that of the women.

But are these differences enough to justify the existence of different skin care products for men? Actually no. The active ingredients are the same. And the job they do is the same. The only difference that may have an impact is on scent and appearance. Some cultural imperatives have not changed that much to allow for men to use female fragrances and pink containers.

All professional services intended for skin care that are rendered for women are also rendered for men in almost exactly the same manner. Cosmetic operations are the same, chemical peeling is the same, facials are the same. In fact many men prefer chemical peels as they are faster, they do not have to lie down and they do not have to undress.

The bottom line is that the principles of skin care for men remain the same as women. The skin condition and type determine the appropriate products that can provide the best results for the male skin. If these products are the same as the wife’s or the sister’s or the mother’s there is no need to use different ones unless the scent matters that much, or the condition is different.

The point of the exercise of treating male skin is to mitigate the results especially from shaving and the direct exposure to the sun. These two agents make men look a lot older than what they really are and are opening the door for even worse skin conditions that will require medical intervention.

Men Need Skin Care Too!
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