Men’s Skin & Beauty Products That Women Tend To Gravitate Towards Using


Women often complain about men and the things they do. Most of us men know it’s best for us to not complain and just keep our mouth shut. It only makes matters worse at times. That said, there is something that I’ve been hearing men complain about quite often lately and it has everything to do with the products that they’re using.

You guessed it! The tables have turned and we’re officially complaining about women stealing our products! As a guy living in the world today, it feels good to be on the other side of the coin.

I’m not here to continue complaining though. Instead, I want to showcase some products that women seem to be using a lot. Yes, they’re products designed for men. If you’re a married man or you’re living with your girlfriend, don’t be surprised if the following products end up getting used up quicker than expected. Chances are your female friend is stealing them.

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Now, please keep in mind that the products I’m about to share with you are in no specific order. Meaning, one doesn’t get used more frequently than another. That’s not how it works here. Instead, I’m just shooting from the hip here.

Men’s Skin Care Products Commonly Stolen By Women

This first one isn’t going to sound like a big deal, but time is money and the cost of running to the store when you’re fresh out of it is, well, costly lol. The product itself is as economical as it gets. I’m referring to the one product most men need in their life, shaving cream. Women have been known to steal men’s shaving cream and they have no shame in doing so. Unless she’s an avid epilator, then you can expect for the bottle to get light quicker than usual. You hardly ever notice it I bet.

This next one isn’t as common but it happens especially if you’re using a spray versus glide stick. Women sweat and sometimes they use deodorant for men. Sure, it’s not super common but it happens. I’d like to say that the roles can be reversed for this type of product as I’ve used my wife’s deodorant before.

Did I forget to mention the razor? Seriously, women steal men’s razors all the time. Why? Well, back in the day, the female razor was far more advanced. At some point along the way, the male version of this product went into hyperspeed and surpassed the technology of the female razor. Don’t be surprised if your razor cartridges end up going missing.

Now, this one might sound like a shocker but it’s true. Women steal eye cream that the man in their lives uses. Is it justifiable? I guess it depends on the eye cream that you’re using. Most guys opt for Kiehl’s and I’ll admit that I’m one of those guys. There’s a reason why this eye cream supersedes all others for men. I’m a huge fan of the Kiehl’s Eye Alert as well as the Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair. Both are expensive products, so hold them near and dear when your female partner is around, lol.

Women have a thing for men’s cologne. I don’t know why but they do. It’s gotta be the fragrance of course. I’m always wearing Chanel Bleu and although my wife doesn’t steal my cologne, I do know some women that like to wear cologne. Perhaps it’s the scent that they’re attracted to? Maybe it’s just a personal preference. I haven’t got a clue, but what I can say is that some women have definitely been caught stealing this from their boyfriend or husband.

Another men’s product commonly used by women is the lip balm for men. There are some lip balm brands that are specifically made for men or at least they’re marketed as such. Those lip balms often end up in the bottom of girlfriends and wives purses. A request for an extra application here and there and poof, you’ve lost your lip balm in the depths of the shoulder bag. Kiss that thing goodbye!

IMPORTANT: If you really love your wife or girlfriend, then I suggest you allow them to keep using your products.

Afterall, at some point in time, you’re going to end up in need of one of their products and you’ll likely use it. See, it’s a vicious cycle – round and round we go!

Men’s Skin & Beauty Products That Women Tend To Gravitate Towards Using
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