Men’s National Grooming Day: Daily Routine Product Ideas


Guys, I know it’s not easy to get into the “taking care of your skin” mindset. Overall, some men just have incredibly poor skin. It’s perfectly aligned with the effort they put into looking groomed and ready to take over the world. Some just can’t hack it! Given that today is Men’s National Grooming Day, I wanted to shed some light on a few things.

As busy men, we spend the least amount of time caring for our skin and looks in general. I’m talking on average. For those of you that haven’t crossed the line yet to adopt a strong skin regimen, here are some products that you should think about incorporating.

men national grooming day

Products Guys Should Think About Using (Since It’s Men’s National Grooming Day)

Men’s National Grooming Day: Product Ideas To Start Incorporating Into Your Daily Routine

Eye Serum

Guys, if you’re spending crazy nights partying or even if you are up late burning the midnight oil try incorporating an eye serum. Perhaps getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes is just the thing needed to start turning heads. I know some people that have late Miami nights and they look terrible the next day because they do nothing about it. Either stop staying up so late and get some sleep or use an eye serum to look a thousand times better.

Beard Oil

Some guys put nothing in their beards, while other guys put flowers in their beards. Whether you’re the urban guy rocking the wild long beard or the guy living in the mountains that just believes in long beards, there is one thing you need. You absolutely need a beard oil in your life. Incorporating a high-quality beard oil will keep your beard smooth and clean looking with very little effort. Beards can get gnarly and tangled. They can begin to look stressed and worn. Keep your beard wicked fresh by simply applying some oil to it on a regular basis.


Coffee bean scrubs are awesome. Pick up a scrub that’s specifically formulated for men. There are plenty of them that exist out there. Most are organic and they are nothing be great for your skin. I’m not saying you need to use this daily, but if you want to rid your body of all those dead skin cells then a coffee scrub is the way to go. This type of scrub has been known to reduce eczema, stretch marks, whiteheads, blackheads and a lot of other stuff. Most are pretty easy to use too. A quick five-minute skin fix, that most men have time for.

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I told you I wasn’t going to get too deep into things today. I know you’re busy and it’s Friday. Guys, do your skin a favor and begin to incorporate one of the three things mentioned above. Your skin will be very thankful. Have a great weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Men’s National Grooming Day: Daily Routine Product Ideas
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