Men’s Guide To Prepping Your Skin For Valentine’s Day


Most people are spending time writing about women today. After all, it’s really their special day. In my very personal opinion, Valentine’s Day wasn’t meant for us guys other than to show appreciation to someone you love. That said, you’re most likely going to be going out on a date tonight. If so, I strongly suggest that you put forth your best effort to prepare your skin for your date.

Better yet, I’ll do my best to cover what I think you should do to prepare for your V-Day dinner or romantic meet up with someone special.

men's valentine's day skin care tips
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Basic Tips To Help Prepare For Your Valentine’s Day Date Night

Guys, I don’t want you coming at me with an attitude stating that it doesn’t matter because you’re using some casual dating site and you’re not that serious. It’s Valentine’s Day for gosh sakes! Whether you’re serious about dating someone or not, put in a little bit of extra effort today. It’s not that hard, here are some things that you need to remember to do.

Freshen Your Breath

First thing is first, I’ve got to cover the bad breath issue. Whether it’s date number one, just a fling, or a long-term relationship, you’ve got to make sure your breath is on point tonight. Be sure to use plenty of mouthwash prior to your date and brush your teeth! Flossing, brushing, and gargling are all must do’s for your event tonight.

If you’re going to a restaurant that serves spicy food, I’d suggest staying away from onions and other spices that can cause bad breath. Not to mention, it can make your skin worse¬†and some believe it causes acne. I own a Sonic Care toothbrush which I literally can live without and I floss daily with unwaxed dental floss. Mix in some mouthwash and you’re good to go.

Chap Stick

If you’re expecting to get a good night kiss (at a minimum) then you best make sure your lips don’t look and feel like you’ve been stranded in the Sahara desert for months. Dry and cracked lips are not going to score you any points tonight. Make sure you keep your lips well hydrated through the use of high-quality lip balm.

Unfortunately, our lips don’t have sebaceous glands which help us produce oil. The lack of oil causes cracking and dehydration. Don’t go for the cherry flavored cheap chapstick at the pharmacy. That’s going to make you look like you drank a bunch of Kool-Aid. Find something that’s manufactured by a reputable brand that can deliver quick and positive results.


Men typically have more oily skin than women. If it’s the first date, then chances are that oil on your skin will be well visible assuming you’re nervous or stressed and even sweating just the slightest bit. The best way to avoid that situation is to exfoliate your face before your date. You’ll then want to apply some sort of toner or oil minimizer to help control the production of oil by your sebaceous glands. This will leave your skin oil free and hopefully you’ll avoid that shiny oil film look that most of us have nightmares about.

Beard Hygiene

If you’re sporting a beard and you don’t want to chop it off, then no worries at all. However, you best plan on taking certain steps to clean your facial hair. Bad beard hygiene often means game over, do not pass go, do not collect $200. You catch my drift right? If you want to put forth some extra effort to ensure that your beard smells and feels right, then add a little bit of beard oil to it. Best practice is to apply a small amount of beard oil right after getting out of the shower. The Wisdom Beard Oil made by Can You Handlebar is a popular choice among many bearded men today. Feel free to check that out right here.


Okay, this one’s pretty simple but I need to tell guys all the time, they need to go light on the cologne. If you’re walking out of your house after spraying Drakkar six times, then you’re going to knock your date out with that ridiculously potent smell. Cologne is meant to leave a light scent on your body, not an overbearing smell that’s so strong it causes people to pass out nearby.

Well, that’s as basic as I can be today and I’m telling you that a little bit of effort is going to go a long way today. If you can’t put forth the extra effort to look good for your date on Valentine’s Day then when can you?

Men’s Guide To Prepping Your Skin For Valentine’s Day
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