What Happened To Melania Trump’s Caviar Skin Care Line?


Like many other celebrities Melania Trump was all set to be a skin care entrepreneur. Her product line featured caviar skin care products. It was called Melania BEAUTY Caviar Complexe C6 Collection. She created the collection of skin care products to “repair, hydrate and renew the skin.” They were enriched with all sorts of vitamins and caviar, just like the famous and ultra luxury and popular La Prarie brand.

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Melania Trump

However, when you go to melaniatrump.com now it redirects you to trump.com, which of course is the homepage of the Trump Organization. So what happened? I was expecting to see the products proudly featured. After Melania’s jewelry line¬†was¬†featured and sold on QVC in 2010 and they apparently sold quite well. There are still some products available on sites like eBay. They don’t command a huge luxury dollar premium however. But where are her skin care products?

I can’t find them anywhere. Melania is a sharp saleswoman and has been for most of her life. As mentioned, her jewelry line sold well on QVC and I’ve heard that it sold out its first production in less than an hour. This is quite a feat. Her jewelry pieces corresponded to her homes around the world. That is, Palm Beach, New York City and Paris. She has always hinted that there will be more to come so I was expecting big things out of the Melania BEAUTY skin care line.

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Melania Trump Skin Care

Melania has been a huge proponent of caviar in skin care products. Explaining in interviews that it is the most hydrating anti-aging ingredient that exists. She supposedly created the brand herself and hired a cosmetic chemist and the products are similar to the ones she uses daily for many years. This isn’t the case of her just licensing her name out. She signed a deal in 2012 with the same skin care holding company that creates the JWoww (from Jersey Shore fame) bronzer and the Kardashian Glow line. This company is called New Sunshine LLC out of Indianapolis.

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So what ultimately happened to Melania’s skin care product line? Well, it got tangled up in a complicated web of litigation that culminated with a $50 million lawsuit she filed against New Sunshine in 2013. Melania was dedicated to the brand and I have no doubt that the products would have had buyers. She was aiming to hit that juicy middle of the road market for caviar skin care products under $100. You can read more about the ensuing legal battle here.


What Happened To Melania Trump’s Caviar Skin Care Line?
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