Melania Trump Skin Care Tip: It Works For Barron Too…


Melania Trump looks much younger than her actual age. She’s been maintaining her skin in the strictest manner possible for years. Believe it or not, she does very specific things in order to keep her youthful look. Melania even does things to keep her 12-year-old Barron’s skin in next to perfect condition. She does very specific things that can really influence the whole outcome.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to take the same approach that Melania does for herself and Barron. Now, I don’t think that she advises Donald Trump on things, nor do I think she’s in charge of caring for his skin, However, he doesn’t look youthful and young like they do.

melania trump skin care tips

Melania Trump’s Secrets To Her and Barron’s Youthful Skin

Like I said, there are a lot of things that Melania does to keep her skin and Barron’s skin perfect looking. One thing that she does is she keeps a relatively balanced and scheduled diet. Eating healthy is important to her and it definitely keeps her skin looking good and her energy levels up. She’s not all about being super strict but she does incorporate healthy foods such as smoothies, fruits and lots of water.

One thing that Melania Trump does is she applies a tonic to her skin every single day. She’s been doing this since 2011 according to Allure Magazine. She uses a tonic that contains vitamin A, C, and E. Reason being, it can help her keep her skin well moisturized all day long.

Did I mention that Melania keeps to her schedule when it comes to caring for her skin too? She’s got a rather strict routine when it comes to evening skin care. Never skipping out on washing her face before bed is very important to her. Keep in mind that she’s been sticking to this routine for years.

Did you know that Melania once had a skin care line? Caviar Complexe C6 was one of the products that were part of her so-called skin care collection, but this is nowhere to be found these days. Her line fell apart and is no longer hers.

Now, for the weirdest part, she actually uses products that were once part of the Melania Skincare line on her young son Barron. Melania applies the Caviar Complexe C6 cream to Barron’s face and all over his body even. Starting a good beauty routine at a young age will keep his skin youthful for sure. The younger you start, the better.

Another thing that Melania claims has helped keep her skin looking fabulous is taking advice from her mother. Her mother set an example and Melania kept the ball rolling for Barron.

Last but not least, she claims to never have done any plastic surgery, but some people think differently. Regardless, I think that what she’s doing to try and keep her own skin as well as her son’s skin youthful is fantastic. Not all parents take pride in their skin and those within their family. In fact, most of the time, parents totally disregard their own skin and simply try to protect the skin of their children. While it sounds great, it’s not the ideal. You really need to do everything to take care of yourself as well as your child.

Here’s why…

Skin cancer and other skin issues can quickly get in the way of your well-being and even worse, it can turn into a serious health issue. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard some horror stories of parents neglecting their own skin, only to have it lead to their children having to deal with the issues that present themselves at a later date. Instead, take action now and reap the benefits of looking young later. Not to mention, your skin will definitely be much healthier in the long run if you do so.

Melania Trump Skin Care Tip: It Works For Barron Too…
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