Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution

Are you the type of person that keeps themselves active and on the go daily? Perhaps you’re a weekend warrior that likes to workout like crazy? Or maybe you’re just feeling the effects of aging? Whatever it may be, the Medical Grade Skin Care brand might be able to help. Sure, you might be thinking to yourself, “What the heck is M.G.S.C.?”

Well, it’s perhaps one of the most highly recognized skin care brands of 2018 and the brand is just one of many within the SkinPro company. I’m certainly not here to cover all the brands and products within the company today. Instead, I’m here to share some information on the Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution. Try saying that fast five times, right!

I’ll be the first to say that I’m always looking for products like this that can help eliminate the pain that comes with living an active lifestyle. This product might be for you if you’re attacking your physical pain problems and issues in the same manner as myself. Enough about you and I, time to get down to business and shed some light on this topical skin spray.

Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal SolutionDetails On The Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution Spray

I’ll kick things off by discussing the product packaging. If you take a close look at the product you’ll notice the clearly recognizable Medical Grade Skin Care logo. You’ll also notice that the product clearly states exactly what it is. There’s no guessing involved. According to the product label, it’s a potent detox and vitality spray that’s to be applied topically to your skin.

Assuming to dive deeper into the packaging, you’ll quickly notice that the back of the spray bottle displays the ingredients and how one should use the product. This is a huge relieve given how many products out there showcase use methods and ingredients on external packaging only, not the physical products.

You’ll notice that the topical pain relieving spray has been manufactured by SkinPro and that it’s been made in the USA. Another thing you’ll find on the product bottle is a customer service number (conveniently listed here 1-800-575-2065) and the company website (which is As far as the size of the product, it’s a 120ml or 4 fluid ounce bottle.

What Exactly Can It Do?

Curious what the Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution Spray can do for you? You’re not the only one! One of the main things that this product does is it helps fix any magnesium deficiency that you might have. Additionally, it’s been said that this product helps restore homeostasis. That’s not all though, it can also help keep your skin better hydrated, improve the flexibility of your skin and most importantly, it can relieve any soreness that exists within the muscles and the joints.

I’d also like to add that like many of the other Medical Grade Skin Care brand products, this too has a 100% no-hassle money back guarantee. In other words, there is no risk should you decide to try this product.

Curious to learn what else this topical spray can do? You’re not alone. Here’s what I can tell you. If you’re having back pain or pain in your muscles, then this might be able to help. It’s been said that all you need to do is spray this on, rub it in and simply doing that can help alleviate muscle soreness and cramps that you might be dealing with regularly.

Another thing that this product can do for you is that it helps you sleep better. Simply applying this to your skin might help you reduce or at least manage your stress. It’s also possible that it can help with overall relaxation.

I’d also like to add that based on my research, this product is easily absorbed and most people use it as an alternative to other methods of supplementing with magnesium-based products.

If your dealing with itchy skin or outbreaks that are very common today such as eczema and psoriasis, then the Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution might help eliminate the pain and itching that comes with that.

Why Magnesium Works

Most people don’t even think about using a topical solution to deal with magnesium deficiencies. However, as this product becomes more and more popular it seems like many people are using this as a method of restoring their magnesium levels. More than half of the adult population does not consume enough magnesium. Some people choose pills and intravenous methods for this type of supplement, but many are turning to this topical spray in lieu of all others.

Magnesium might be one of the most crucial ingredients in a proper diet and when lacking, it can really cause issues. It’s not uncommon for issues such as headaches, hypertension, diabetes, and other issues to occur due to the lack of magnesium in your body.

Om fact, the image below showcases all the things that insufficient magnesium intake can result in. Here’s a list of them too:

Sleep issues
Eye twitching
Skin problems
Muscle spasms
Heartbeat issues
Mood swings

Why This Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to try this topical spray solution. First off, it’s a product by SkinPro, a leader amongst many within the industry. Secondly, there’s a no hassle, no risk, satisfaction guarantee which is almost impossible to pass up. Third, supplementing with magnesium has so many benefits in general that if you’re not doing this, then starting with a topical solution is the way to go. Product List

This topical spray is pretty new, so it doesn’t have very¬†many reviews just yet. However, it’s already beginning to rank within the Amazon Best Sellers Rankings and it seems to be climbing daily.

Looking for a full list of ingredients? Simple enough, there are only two for you to consider

– Water, Magnesium Chloride.

You’ll find specific directions listed on the Amazon product page too. Basically, all you need to do is apply this spray to your body, doing so carefully to avoid your eyes and sensitive areas where open wounds may be present. Rinse your skin 20 minutes after applying the spray. That’s all it takes!

What’s The Cost?

Looking to spend some of your cold hard cash on this product? Great, then you’ll want to head on over to and be prepared to shell out $44.99 for the 4-ounce spray bottle. Pretty reasonable given how long it lasts.


My advice would be to give this product a try if you’re looking for a magnesium-based topical spray. The editor-in-chief of stands behind this brand and he’s about as knowledgeable as they come within this industry. Try it out by clicking here.

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Medical Grade Skin Care Therapeutic Magnesium Transdermal Solution
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