Medical Grade Skin Care Salicylic Acid Gel Peel For Hyperpigmentation

While I’ve covered plenty of salicylic acid based products over the years, today’s is one that is proud to come out and endorse or recommend. The product is by Medical Grade Skin Care, a brand owned and operated by the SkinPro parent company. As you likely know just by reading our site updates and product reviews, many of our editors actually use the SkinPro product daily, which is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to showcase this product and review it here on the site.

Instead of spending hours sharing everything we know about the parent company in general, here’s what you need to know about specific Medical Grade Skin Care Brand. The brand holds more than half a dozen products under its belt which each do something a little bit different or to a different degree level.

The brand produces products such as glycolic acid peels, salicylic acid peels, neck serums, transdermal solutions, platelet plasma serums, healing treatments rubs, pain relievers, and more. Based on some of the research we’ve conducted, it seems as though many of these products are some of the most sought after within the marketplace. If you’re interested in learning about some of the most commonly sought after skin care products within the brand, then I suggest you head on over to the official Amazon store to learn more about the Medical Grade Skin Care brand.

Medical Grade Skin Care Salicylic Acid Gel Peel

Details On The Medical Grade Skin Care Salicylic Acid Gel Peel

Some people like to learn and understand everything about a skin care product before trying it. If you’re one of those types of people, then kudos to you for that! You’re putting yourself and your health first, for that I commend you. Now, since you’re so interested in learning about this product, I’m going to share any and everything that I know about it starting with the most obvious…

If you take a close look at the label, you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t a beginners type product. In fact, the product contains 25% salicylic acid and it’s what the brand refers to as a Level 2 Deep Chemical Strength. Now, I had never personally heard that terminology used until I came across this product. If the logo on the bottle didn’t give off the vibe that this brand means serious business then that writing below will.

We’re big fans of products that provide detail and information on the label. The 25% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel provides lots of product information for consumers to digest before using. For example, one of the things this product provides on the bottle is a list of precautions. There are five precautions, specifically, which are mentioned and they’ve been mentioned in order to keep consumers informed of the possible issues that might occur. Remember, this is a really strong product and even though precautions are necessary with all skin care products, it holds especially true for this one.

I like how the label specifically states how to use the gel peel as well. This is another important piece of information that you’ll need to consider when using this product or just before using it. Simply applying any type of skin care product without doing so in the suggested method is crazy, especially when dealing with a medical grade product.

If you’re all about using products which are manufactured in the USA, then you’ll be happy to learn that this one is. The product specifically states that it was Manufactured by SkinPro and it even provides a customer service number on the bottle if you’re interested in reaching out to them. The number is 1-800-575-2065 and I encourage you to call them with any questions or concerns. Feel free to head on over to the website for more information. Now time to get down to business and share some information about the product.

When it comes to the Medical Grade 25% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel, there are a few things that you can and should expect when using the product. One thing that SkinPro states is that using this product will make you feel like you’ve visited the doctor when in fact all you’ve done is simply applied an at-home treatment that’s a facial peel.

As far as product expectations are concerned, it’s been said that one can expect a salicylic acid peel to assist with the unclogging of pores which may, in turn, reduce the chances of blackheads forming as well as other acne. The exfoliation factor associated with this product is said to exfoliate the skin leaving it clean and further free of dead and damaged skin cells.

The acid peel is also supposed to help destroy any bacteria and pollutants that exist on your skin. It’s also possible that using this product may help reduce the common swelling signs which are often associated with acne breakouts.

How It Works

The 25% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel works by penetrating and softening the keratin that’s present. As it softens, the skin begins to turn over more and new skin cells begin to develop quicker.

What Else Can It Do?

Yes, there are many other things that this gel peel can do for your skin. If you use it properly, the gel may be able to help fade sun damage, scars form by acne, melasma, and more. It may also help consumers unclog their pores and get rid of blackheads. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that the main reason that people choose to use this product is to help reduce the discoloration of their skin as a result of hyperpigmentation.

Something else that’s definitely worth mentioning is the SkinPro no-risk guarantee. What this means is quite simple. If you’re not satisfied with the results of using the product, then the company is willing to provide you with a full refund.


If you’re looking for a list of the ingredients, then I suggest you take a closer look at the bottle for a full list. Additionally, I’ve saved you time by showcasing the full list of ingredients right here: Propylene Glycol, SD Alcohol 40, Salicylic Acid, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin


If you’re looking for a strong acid gel peel that’s manufactured by a company with a solid reputation, then I suggest giving the Medical Grade Skin Care Salicylic Acid Gel Peel a try. Click here to visit the product page and learn all about the product. It’s a product that many consumers stand by and with the no hassle, no risk policy it should be even easier to make a purchasing decision.

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Medical Grade Skin Care Salicylic Acid Gel Peel For Hyperpigmentation
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