Massachusetts Co. Green Koala Beard Balm Officially Launches


I’m 100% for supporting local businesses and I typically stop at nothing to help them get the word out. That’s why I’m here today to share some information on a new beard balm and beard oil that’s just hit the streets so to speak. The products come straight from the Northeast out of Pembroke, MA. Being from Massachusetts, you know I’m going to take a liking to the Green Koala’s latest product release.

Although my beard isn’t all that full, I can still take the time to care for it when need be. That’s exactly how I came across this brand while searching for some new organic all-natural product options I stumbled across this.

But before I get into these new products, allow me to share some more background on the company as a whole.

green koala beard products

Green Koala, Beard Balm, and All-Natural Oil Are Now Here

The Green Koala owner, Paula Keif, knows just how important it is that men take care of their facial hair. She also knows that the number of men with facial hair has doubled over the last five years. She wanted to bring a safe and affordable product to the market that would help protect men’s facial hair.

Based on what I know and some further research that I did the company has been in business for eight years and they’ve been creating their own recipes for products such as lotions, butters, body scrubs, and more. The beard care line is the most recent line which omits the use of toxic chemicals, making it a perfect option all.

Speaking of beard oil, I’d like to fill you in on some more details associated with the Green Koala beard product line. The beard oil which the company manufactures contains seven organic and all-natural ingredients which help reduce the urge to itch and quite frankly, they just make your beard softer and shiny.

As of the beard balm, that product contains some ingredients such as mango, shea butter, and cocoa butter. But how did they know what ingredients to use when creating the products? Simple enough, they kept things local and asked people living in the local area.

When asking people in the community, apparently the fan favorites with regards to oils were, “Amber Sandalwood, Citrus, and Peppermint & Eucalyptus,” according to Paula Keif. Oh and one other thing, I love the fact that Koala Green gives back to the community by donating to non-profits, schools, and various local animal shelters.

If you’re looking for a new beard brand, then I suggest giving this one a try. You can pick up the products at or you can call 1-877-304-4493 and order them via phone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Green Koala brand, then keep reading because I’m going to share some more information about some of the individual products within the various ranges. I’ll start with the Paraben-Free Lotion. This is a lotion that moisturizes the skin naturally without the use of phosphates, sulfates, and parabens. It does, however, contain ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower, and lastly meadowfoam seed oils. This product comes in various ingredients and scents such as lavender, coconut oil, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit and more?

green koala body butter

Next up is the Green Koala Body Butter is a handmade product that contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil, shea butter and coconut oil. Each of the body butter products comes in a four-ounce jar and they come in the same variations as the previously discussed lotions.

This local organic skin care company does have some events planned in the local area in Massachusetts. If you’re in the local area, then do yourself a favor and check them out. The first event takes place in Wareham, MA on October 6-7.

As for a complete list of the types of products that Green Koala, you’ll find that the company sells bar soaps, body butter, body scrub, foot spray, hand lotion, lip balm, personalized candles, insect repellent, soy candles, diffusers and more.

Check out some of the Green Koala products by clicking here.

Massachusetts Co. Green Koala Beard Balm Officially Launches
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