Masqueology Capitalizing On South Korea Skin Care Craze


Skin care line Masqueology was originally launched five years ago. It was featured right out of the gate at Sephora and Macy’s. It is looking to capitalize on the South Korea skin care craze. Since then the brand has moved to the mass market by selling in Wal Mart. The store began carrying the brand last month. Particularly its sheet masks at 3000 stores. These are the masks that are sold by Masqueology at Wal Mart:

Vita Clarifying Cream Mask
Moisturizing Face Mask
Special Care Mask
Moisturizing Foot Mask
Moisturizing Hand Mask
Collagen Lifting Cream Mask


Masqueology CEO Knows All About South Korea Beauty

Philip Ha is CEO of Masqueology parent company Beauty Architects. He had this to say about the company’s prospects:

“When we started, South Korean skin care was basically nonexistent in the U.S., and it’s come to the forefront. Everybody has started jumping on the South Korean skin care bandwagon, and a lot of the big mainstream retailers contacted me about South Korean skin care. The mass market is looking for this technology at affordable prices. Mass customers are more savvy about technology now because of the Internet and social media. After you wash your hair, you put them over your hair. They’re almost like a turban. It’s a specially made foil with ingredients inside. You keep them on for 15 to 20 minutes and, after you finish, you take them off and wash off the formula. It’s a deep treatment. Once this product gets in contact with oxygen, it bubbles up. It’s a light exfoliation, and it cleanses your face. The bubbles help the formula penetrate deep so you get all the dirt out. You put it on your face, and you sleep with it on all night. That is what’s trending right now. It’s all about leaving the product on overnight to really moisturize your skin. We talk with the chemists and factories all the time…to see what new technologies there are going forward, and we gather all that information together to see how the market is moving. We sometimes even bring technologies to the market before the trend is actually there. My goal is to be a trendsetter.”

Masqueology is projected to generate about $15 million in sales in 2017. Keep an eye on this one and the South Korean beauty craze in general.

Masqueology Capitalizing On South Korea Skin Care Craze
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  1. Wow this is great! i just hope that it will suite the skin type of my demographic like Solvaderm. Have they tweeked it? i mean it is meant for koreans and all. I dont know how this things work