Martha Hunt Shares Her Skin Care Prep For The Victoria’s Secret Show


There’s a good chance that you know exactly who Martha Hunt is if you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s the biggest fashion show of the year that literally has over ten million people watching. When you’ve got that many individuals looking at you, there is zero margin for error.

Martha Hunt is a veteran Victoria’s Secret model that take skin care and show prep very seriously. She’s been through this so much that she’s got the process down like none other. The woman behind Martha Hunt’s perfect complexion is spa owner, Mzia Shiman.

Lucky for you, we have the inside scoop on what Martha Hunt does to prepare her skin for the runway. No, we didn’t have to spy on her, all we did was research her long-time aesthetician in order to find out exactly what she does for Martha in order to prepare. It starts with one specific treatment…

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Martha Hunt’s Pre-Victoria Secrets Show Skin Care Prep Revealed

Here’s a rundown of the specific things that contribute to Martha Hunt’s nearly impeccable complexion. For starters, she gets facials on a monthly basis. Her aesthetician gives her what’s known as the Triple-Glow Facial each month. This is a scientific term for microdermabrasion, facial, and oxygen infusion treatments. More often than not, Martha follows up this treatment with some LED light therapy. This treatment is one that often helps clear up blemishes, lines, and visible wrinkles.

Martha is pretty lucky when it comes to skin. She literally has skin that could be defined as being perfect.

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But wait, there’s more….

She goes through a few specific treatments that are so crucial to having beautiful skin. She begins this just a few days before the fashion show. The treatments that she undergoes are referred to as ‘plumping treatments’ which include an Oxygen Infusion given to Martha by the trusted Mzia Shiman. The reason she gets this treatment is to help keep her skin well hydrated. Since she has to travel on a plane, it’s important that she does everything she can to prevent her skin from drying out while en route.

Mzia Shiman often incorporates a LED light therapy the day of the event or the night before. This injunction with the another Oxygen Infusion usually has her skin plump, prepped, and looking proper for the show.

Apparently, on the morning of the show, Martha hunt uses very specific products. She first starts off by applying the DECLÉOR Aromessence Rose d’Orient Oil Serum to help soften her skin and remove any blemishes or redness. She then moves on to a sheet mask treatment for about 15 minutes. According to a recent article, Martha Hunt prefers to use the DECLÉOR Aurabsolu Hydrogel Mask.

Then last but not least, before all that makeup gets caked on her face, she applies an eye mask and lip mask. One is to reduce the puffiness, and any dark circles of the eyes while the other is used to help plump up her lips. The two products used are Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Masks and Rejuvenate Lip Mask.

While we all can’t look like Victoria’s Secret models on a runway, we can have skin that’s just a clear as them. I suggest checking the products out or those that are similar if you’re further interested. The most important thing is that you do something. Your skin is not going to improve on its own!

Martha Hunt Shares Her Skin Care Prep For The Victoria’s Secret Show
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