Margot Robbie Is An Absolute Psycho When It Comes To Her Skin


Famous actress Margot Robbie might be borderline psychotic when it comes to her personal skin care regimen. She wasn’t shy about letting the world know either and she did it in an American Psycho kind of fashion.

margot robbie american psycho spoof

This beautiful Australian actress recently created a spoof of Christian Bale’s famous American Psycho character named Patrick Bateman. The short film shows the world exactly how she has been able to maintain an absolutely flawless complexion.

She collaborated with Vogue to create this spoof and it’s damn near perfect! It makes us realize how important it is to take care of our physical bodies.

Dare to be different. Screw average. Be a psycho instead.

As you can see, she takes serious pride in caring for her skin. If you think it’s just a joke, I can almost guarantee that it’s not. There’s a reason why Margot Robbie is physically perfect and has incredible skin. I’d be willing to guess that she’s using great products, getting plenty of sleep and doing everything in her power to stay beautiful. Kudos to her for putting that award-winning work in!

Now, just for full disclosure, I’m not telling you to do anything completely irrational here. I’m simply recommending that you get off your butt and start taking care of your skin. If you want to reach perfection then you’ve got to find a way to treat your body as if you wish to maintain a perfect state.

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Treat your skin right or take a seat in the back.

Margot Robbie Is An Absolute Psycho When It Comes To Her Skin
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