Man Toolz Skin Care Targets Micro Niche That Nobody Cares About


Sometimes I wish these people would just send me their money and I can slap some sense in to them with it. Just because it is easy to private label a line of skin care products, this does not mean that it is a good business.I read these press releases daily and wait and wait and never see a follow up.  Like Eben Naturals – which I recently wrote about – I think Man Toolz is doomed to fail.

I can not stress enough how competitive of a business skin care is. And when you focus on one micro niche like men it is hard enough. But to then narrow your focus even more like Man Toolz has done and target only “rugged men” is misguided at best. These type of people don’t even buy skin care products. Normally their wife buys them in bulk for them at Costco.

man toolz
Man Toolz is a new line of skin care products for men

Is Man Toolz Doomed To Fail?

Are men really going to buy a “monthly tool box” for $27.99 with a body wash, cleanser and moisturizer? First of all, it looks very expensive. These 3 basic products should be about half that price. And how is Man Toolz going to get these subscribers? I don’t think this subscription model will work for a brand new product that nobody has tried that looks by all accounts to be simply Plain Jane.

Man Toolz makes this assumption that men don’t like shopping for skin care products. And this is true for the most part. But men don’t shop for skin care products. They don’t care enough and just use what is there. The only ones that really care are not so much the rugged manly men but the more feminine oriented and that is an even smaller micro niche. And to appeal to these people you don’t sell a tool box.

I just fail to see where this is going. Does anybody disagree?

Man Toolz Skin Care Targets Micro Niche That Nobody Cares About
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