Man Lives With Painful “Body Cracking” Skin


We complain about our skin being painful, dry, cracked and all sorts of things. However bad you think you have it, trust me when I say that it’s not nearly as bad as Li Xitian. This poor man has been living with an incurable condition for years. In fact, he’s been suffering from extreme psoriasis that literally makes his skin crusty and painful as can be.

tree bark skin disease
Li Xitian showing his rare skin disease. Credit: ASIAWIRE

He’s been suffering from a condition that makes his skin rough as tree bark for nearly 40 years. If you saw him in public you wouldn’t be able to look away, it’s that strange and unsightly.

People have been making fun of him for years, calling him “bark man” and other mean names. The rough, bark-like skin has spread all over his body. People that have this condition often develop it in areas on their body like their knees, elbows, and even the lower back region.

This extreme case of psoriasis can become extremely itchy and bothersome as things progress. It can be treated but it’s incurable. Many patients suffering from this condition often apply topical treatments such as vitamin D ointments and other types of medicines.

Li Xitian has spent thousands of dollars in hopes of finding a cure but he hasn’t been successful in finding one just yet. The symptoms that he has are painful, unsightly, and simply something that no man or woman should have to live with.

This type of condition is definitely one of the weirdest skin diseases that we’ve seen and we’re doing our part to help spread the word in hopes that Li may eventually find a cure.

In another related story, there’s a man out there that has a condition known as Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis. This is also known as tree man illness and it’s a very painful skin condition. If you think that your skin looks bad or is in rough shape, then I suggest you do yourself a favor and check out that article that I’ve linked to above. Please spread the word about these illnesses so that more people are aware of the conditions that exist today. Educating yourself can perhaps help us lead to a cure eventually.

Tree Man Illness Pic
This is one of the most popular photos you’ll see when people talk about this skin disorder.


Man Lives With Painful “Body Cracking” Skin
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