Making A Skin Care Business Out Of Coffee Beans


Many people are zombies every morning without coffee.

But thanks to three women from Australia, we know now that coffee can be beneficial to your skin.

New skin care line, Frank Body, sells skin care products that are derived from coffee grounds. Coffee is the main ingredient and the products are completely natural.

Frank Body was founded by Bree Johnson, Jess Hatzis and Erika Geraerts. While the main product in the line is the body scrub, the company also makes facial scrubs and face cleansers along with moisturizers. Again, all products are coffee based.

Coffee Beans

Coffee is good for the skin

Coffee is good for the skin for three reasons:

  1. It is full of antioxidants that target free radicals.
  2. It assists in blood flow stimulation which is good for collagen production.
  3. It has the same pH as human skin so it won’t dry it out.

Frank Body was founded in 2013 by Bree Johnson, who’s boyfriend owned a coffee shop in Melbourne. It was sort of a eureka moment for Johnson as mature women were constantly coming by the shop asking for the leftover coffee grounds. What were they possibly doing with coffee grounds? Johnson found out they were using them as a natural body exfoliant.

Intense at home DIY research led to the now famous coffee body scrub formula

Following days of intense research of do-it-yourself coffee scrubs, Johnson realized that nobody has commercialized this simple and natural product. So she got together with a couple girlfriends and went to work trying to make the perfect coffee body scrub. They tried them on themselves to start. Standing in the shower covered in coffee seemed sort of silly but the results were amazing and spoke for themselves.

Simply put, they never used a body exfoliant as good as this before. After applying their homemade coffee body scrub their skin was as smooth as ever. So they went in to production and started promoting on Instagram where they now have several hundred thousand followers. This has become a most-wanted market and Frank Body came well positioned to capitalize.

Frank Body used Instagram to create a viral following

Frank Body’s official Instagram page is @frank_bod and it has nearly 700,000 followers. All of this on literally not marketing budget, only word of mouth and a strong product. Instagram followers really drove the growth as they posted feedback photos of their own soft skin, and Frank Body created a second account at @frankbodyfeedback which now boasts over 70,000 followers. On this account, Frank Body shows actual customer before and after photos. The results are impressive.

This isn’t an advertisement for Frank Body. I have never even been in contact with the company. I just think it is a great story of a few enterprising young girls who make a great product that just sells itself. You don’t need a massive advertising budget when you have the power of social media. Frank Body took their coffee body exfoliant viral.

coffee scrub

My favorite DIY coffee scrub

Here is my favorite coffee body scrub recipe that you can make easily at home:

Mix 1 cup of coffee grounds with a half cup of brown sugar and a full cup of coconut oil. Make sure to blend all of the ingredients together well. Apply liberally to clean wet skin and rinse off with warm water.

This will leave your skin feeling soft and fully hydrated. The best part is, you probably have these ingredients at home already and it is a 100% natural solution.

Making A Skin Care Business Out Of Coffee Beans
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