Makeup Artists Share The Top Trends For 2016


Predicting makeup trends is a difficult proposition. I sort of liked most of the trends this year. If they lasted till next year I would be content with that. But in order to see which might stick for 2016, I reached out to some makeup artists to find out what they think will be the hottest trends next year. While I wonder if trends like the grunge eyeliner and overall contouring will last, nobody talks about brows at all. So I’m thinking that big and fluffy will still work.

These makeup artists all had one thing in common. A fresh face will still be in. I spoke to a number of makeup artists and all used words like “glowing” “smooth” “real” and “natural” to describe the hottest trends of next year. One makeup artist that I spoke to offered up a tip of using beauty oil paired with a top of the line highlighter. This is known as strobing and is said to enhance radiance.

eye makeup

For eyes

Dark-rimmed eyes are big for next year. Simply use a soft and smooth black or graphite grey powder around the eye lash line. A kohl liner can also be used in addition to powder shadow. Another hot new trend for 2016 is neutral eyes. Mascara is now the focus. One makeup artist was quick to say that color will play a huge part of next year’s beauty story. Vivid colors like teals are back.

For cheeks

So contouring as I mentioned was a big part of the 2015 makeup trend story. The artists I talked to believe it will still be a big deal. The difference being that the trend is towards lighter and more natural looking applications. Gone will be the theatrical and in is believability. See-through and sheer makeup applications will be hot in 2016.

makeup for the cheeks

For lips

Now that your face is fresh, keeping with the 2016 hot trend, you will want to compliment this with muted lip tones. That means delicate and shimmery are in. Lip gloss will be back in a huge way. Natural looking lips are where it is at next year. If you still want some color to pair up with, you are in luck because bright red lips are the hottest and trendiest thing for early next year.

makeup for the lips and mouth

While I don’t like the fact that the vampy shades for the lips are out for next year, I welcome back natural looking skin. This should be a huge boon for the skin care products industry. Smooth and soft skin with a natural glow is taking over again. Say goodbye to old trends like the time consuming baking and even contouring.

However which way you want to go with your eyes, cheeks and lips just make sure it is natural looking. The playful look is is where it is at for 2016. Femininity a little retro and a dash of modern are the sub themes of next year. It should be a great year for makeup as less truly becomes more.

Makeup Artists Share The Top Trends For 2016
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