Magic Minerals Review

Some people are strong advocates for those “As Seen On TV” products and others simply don’t believe the hype at all. Whether you’re into these types of products or not, I’m here to share some information on a specific product today. The product is called Magic Minerals and it’s a widely used mineral makeup product that is marketed on TV commercials late at night.

The product was created by an individual named Jerome Alexander. This individual is well-known throughout the beauty industry and he’s a successful makeup artist helps thousands of consumers look better every day. He did this by creating a cosmetic product that’s about as unique as it gets. Jerome created Magic Minerals, the mineral foundation compact product many women are using today.

magic mineralsOverview Of Magic Minerals

Here’s how Magic Minerals works, it’s actually quite simple really. This product works as a coverup and a concealer in one simplified product. The mineral foundation helps consumers hide skin issues, blemishes, and many other imperfections that they are dealing with. It can also help cover lines, wrinkles, and even slightly improve your skin complexion.

The Magic Minerals product helps cover up your skin blemishes, leaving it looking more natural and blemish free.

But How Does It Do That?

Believe it or not, there’s a simple science behind this product. The science is all in the color correcting. See, Magic Minerals powder formula contains four color corrector. The powder is literally about as fine as it can possibly get.

Supposedly, the colors used in this product formula both help one avoid the embarrassment of ending up with that ridiculous orange-like complexion on your skin. It also helps prevent your makeup from looking like it’s caked on!

As far as product claims are concerned, the claims are quite out there in this space, but not for Magic Minerals. However, they do push the creator’s name quite a bit, marketing him as being the International Beauty Expert with decades of years of experience.

I should also mention that this product works as an all-in-one type solution versus many others on the market which often require that you apply multiple products for the same results.

What You Must Know About The Product

Okay, so there are a couple of things that you need to know about the Magic Minerals product and the claims that the company is making.

Here’s what the company claims about the product:

i. They claim that it’s completely translucent.
ii. That it’s hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin.
iii. That it works well as a natural sunblock without any potent scent. It contains SPF and protecting your skin from the sun is an absolute must.
iv. The product also contains antioxidants and vitamins that help fight off free radicals which commonly break down your skin.
v. Magic Minerals is completely fragrance-free and it does not contain any of the ingredients that commonly irritate people’s skin.
vi. Last but not least, it’s supposed to last throughout the entire day.

The one thing that most people do not realize about this product is that it doesn’t really fix anything with regards to skin issues. I mean, it does make your skin look better but it’s not going to improve your skin over a long period of time. It’s literally an aesthetic fix and that’s about it. In defense of the product and it’s creator, it does not claim to improve your skin either.

Video Review

Feel free to check out this video review provided by one individual that’s used the product.

Another Video

Here’s another video that I recommend watching. It’s another honest review of the Magic Minerals product. Given that this is your skin that we’re talking about, it only makes sense that you use your best judgement and do extensive research on the product. That does mean paying close attention to what other consumers have to say about the product.

Cost Factor

Looking to spend less than $20 on a product, then this might be for you. The Magic Minerals product comes with a brush and a mascara as well. You’re getting all this for less than $20 and with zero hidden fees too.

The Money Back Guarantee

Magic Minerals is worth trying just for the fact they offer a simple 30-day money back guarantee. I mean, you really don’t have anything to lose I guess. After all, the shipping is free, you’ve got a chance to try the product and if it doesn’t work then you get your money back.

Assuming that your skin has a medium tone to it or even light, then you might like the results that you get from this.

Where To Buy It

If you’re looking to buy this, then you’ve got a couple of options. Check out CVS, Amazon, and even the website. Let me know if you have any issues with purchasing this product and we’ll do our best to help you obtain it. Stay away from Craigslist and eBay┬áplease.


Give the Magic Minerals product a try for a short $19.99 and let me know how you like it. I’m almost positive that you’ll have almost zero risk if you take action. If not, I guess you can continue looking for other options similar to Magical Minerals. Please keep in mind that this review was written based on information gathered. We did not actually try the product but used our best judgment based on third-party reviews and data research.

Magic Minerals Review
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